Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How To Make Sure your Eye Shadow is 100% Removed

Today I will be sharing a useful tip to ensure that there is no eye shadow residue on your eye areas.

I have tried this method on many types of eye makeup remover and can still find some residue. 

The eye makeup remover that I have tried are as follows:
1. Shu Uemura Cleanising oil
2. Elianto Green Tea eye make up remover
3. Clinique 
4. Shiseido Cleansing oil
5. Skin Food Milk Shake eye make up remover
6. Estee Lauder Cleansing milk
7. ROC Cleansing Milk
8. Simple Cleansing Milk

This does not mean that the products above are not good. It is because when we use cotton pad, the small areas cannot be reached. Therefore, I recommend that you try the method below and let me know your feedback. I have been using this method for many years.

The steps that I follow to clean my eye areas:

1. use an eye makeup remover
2. wash with cleansing gel

Step 3. Pat dry your eye area. Use a cotton bud to pick up some eye cream (choose an eye cream that is not too expensive. I use this Skin Food Eye cream because it is not too expensive)

Step 4: sweep the cotton bud at the waterline area and eye lash area, repeat 2 times

Check your cotton bud and you can see that there are some residue that remains. Now, you can be sure that your eye area is 100% clean.

Next, apply your eye cream/eye gel. It can be the same eye cream or a different one.

I wonder how many of you have tried this method before?

Would you try this and let me know whether you find any residue?
Thanks for sharing.


stellarvixen said...

Q tip & eye cream to the rescue for you!

i hav been using cleansing oil eversince i'd enjoyed putting on makeup
1. shu uemura
2. loccitane apple almond oil
3. lunasol

what i do is rely on my finger tips and massage all over my face..especially the eyearea..5 times clockwise, 5 times anticlockwise

after that lather with water..

next, double cleanse with fancl cleansing powder alternate with ettusais AC soap :D
non-drying cleanser and added moisturizing effect

then tone my face with cotton pad see if there is any residue >.<

milk doesnt work out for me! breakme out booo!

i think time to stock up some Q-TIP!

Jessying said...

Yeh I do that too sometimes ! for face, to make sure if the face cleanse properly.. by swiping with toner with cotton..If not properly clean, then it will left residue on the cotton.

Crystal said...

that's a good idea :) SF is still expensive in the philippines, though, so i should try something even cheaper. haha!

Unknown said...

Hey, Tht's a really cool tip :).. I always struggle with getting my waterproof liner off completely. This is a excellent idea.

Thks for sharing :)

AskMeWhats said...

great tips! I do this method too, you would be surprised how some products are still left on the eye area after you used the cotton bud method!

Lavender said...

Thanks for the Q tip recommendation. shall try it out.

thanks for sharing

U can use any eye cream.

Do try this method and let me know.

yes I agree. Glad that we share the same idea.

EVA SB said...

I used to do a lot of theatre work and heavy stage make-up is even harder to remove.
We were told to put some remover on cotton wool and gentley press it to the eyelash area for a count of ten.
Then clean up as usual.
Finally do the cotton wool/count to ten routine again. If there is any residue it will be visible on the cotton wool and will have loosened so it can be completely removed.

Unknown said...

ooo... thanks for sharing this! I've been eye lining my eyes quite often these days but was having problem removing all the residue. Gotta stock up on Q tips and eye creams now! Whee!!

Lavender said...

Thanks for the sharing. Will try.

u are welcome.

Anna said...

i also do that too! using q-tips are the best!

xoxo elle

SilhouetteScreams said...

I do this as well :D it's really handy for me, because I always tightline - and that can be a bit hard to remove using a regular eye makeup remover!

Anonymous said...

what a great tip. Thank you!!

Lavender said...

Elle & Silhoutte
Glad we share the same tip..

U r welcome. Do visit more often.


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