Thursday, July 21, 2011


Dear Readers in Klang Valley,
I would like to share with you a good news. Do read the following details obtained from Estee Lauder Malaysia:


Want to have some fun with Estee Lauder Malaysia Ambassador and E! News Asia host Marion Caunter? Mark this date down 30th July 2011 – as Marion takes the road all over Klang Valley in a special Estee Lauder Ideal Skin Hunt.

The rules are easy – all you have to do is spot Marion and go up to her to receive your question related to the new Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator. Answer it correctly and you will win a full size Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator 30ml worth RM240.

Sounds easy enough but here’s the catch – our Malaysia Ambassador will be on the go and won’t stay long in one spot! So make sure you keep up to date on her whereabouts for your chance to win. Just ‘Like’ the Estee Lauder Malaysia Facebook fanpage where Marion will check in on 30th July 2011 to reveal clues on her whereabouts. Make your way to where she is to win the fabulous Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator.

Instantly illuminates skin and clinically proven to even skintone in just two weeks, Estee Lauder’s Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator is something you’ll want in your skincare routine. Get rid of blotchiness, acne marks, dullness, sun spots and dark spots with this fact-acting serum. Gentle for everyday use and effective on Asian skin, Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator features the Triple-Optic Technology to instantly illuminate skin for immediate radiance and CorrectTone Technology to address skin discolouration for translucent and flawless-looking skin. Now, Asian skin can look clear, supple, more even-toned and luminous – fast! Available at RM240 for 30ml and RM350 for 50ml.

Ready to take part in the Estee Lauder Ideal Skin Hunt? Countdown to the big day on Estee Lauder Malaysia Facebook fanpage for your chance to win a bottle of Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Product Review: Skin Food Lemon Pack

I bought this Skin Food lemon pack some time ago and have been using it at least once a month, considering the varieties of mask that I have. You can click here to read about other mask that I have reviewed before.

I have the tendency to buy masks and have trouble finishing them. Do you have the same problem? ha .. ha.. just want to know whether I am the only one with this bad habit.

Product Description: 
An exfoliating pack with vitamin rich lemon extracts promising a soft and smooth touch of the skin.

How to use: 
Apply evenly on cleansed face with circular motion for 30 seconds. Leave it for 5 to 6 mins and rinse off with luke warm water.

The ingredients

What I like about Skin Food Lemon pack?
1. It is easy to use. What I normally do is use it when I am in the shower. After cleansing my face, I scrub my face and pat dry followed by this mask. I'll continue to take my shower and by the time I finished my shower, it's time to wash off the mask! So, no excuse for too busy to apply mask ya.

2. It has the original lemon smell and I feel very fresh while using it.

3. After washing off the mask, my skin feels so smooth, bright and refreshed.

What I dislike?

Sorry, I forgot the price, maybe around RM40 for 100ml.

I would recommend Skin Food lemon pack to combination and oily skinned person. It does not dry my skin as the product contains glycerin.

My Rating:
Rating for scent: 5/5
Rating for texture: 4.5/5

Thanks for reading. 


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Product Review: Himalaya Organique Neem Facial Wash & Walnut Scrub

I am no stranger to Himalaya products but I have not seen their Organic skin care range before. Himalaya Organique is actually available at selected Himalaya boutique. As someone who loves organic skincare products, I am very pleased when contacted by a representative from Himalaya to try out the Himalaya Organique Purifying Neem Face Wash and Exfoliating Walnut Face Scrub.

Before I go on with the review, I would like to share with you some facts about Himalaya Organique that are worthy to be mentioned.

1. Himalaya Organique has obtained EcoCert certification. Only products that used 95% natural ingredients in the finished product will be able to obtain the EcoCert certification.

2. Himalaya Organique products are not tested on animals. It has the “leaping bunny logo” i.e. cruelty-free certification

3. The packaging is biodegradable/recyclable.

4. Himalaya Organique products are free from Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates and Sodium Laureth Sulphates (SLS and SLES), Phthalates, Petroleum and its derivatives a, silicones, synthetic fragrances or artificial colors.

5. Cold pressed method is used to extract the oils so that the potent anti-aging compounds are preserved.

I have tried both products and would like to share with you my views about them.

Himalaya Organique Puryfiying Neem Facial Wash
As you can see from the picture, the product is in a gel form. Being an oily skinned person, I always like my cleanser in gel form. 

Product description:
A soap free face wash formulated using organic herbs, essential oils and natural extracts that cleanser skin of excess oil and impurities.

The main ingredients:
Neem leaf extract, tumeric root oil, natural vitamin E

What I like about the Himalaya Organique Neem Facial Wash?
  1. 98.7% of total ingredients are from natural origin
  2. It has a herbal scent that originates from natural plant extracts
  3. It does not foam because it does not have SLS but it cleanses well without drying the skin. There is no tight feeling after cleansing.
  4. My skin feels soft after each wash
  5. It is reasonably priced – RM39.90 for 150ml.
  6. Free from artificial fragrance

What can be improved?
I have nothing to complain about this product. It would be great if the cleanser is in a pump transparent bottle so that I can see the balance of the products. This is just my personal preference but it is not a major issue.

Rating for the scent: 4/5
Rating for product texture: 4.5/5
Rating for product effectiveness: 5/5

Himalaya Organique Walnut  Facial Scrub
As you can see from the picture, the facial scrub has fine granules made from walnut seed.

Product description: A gentle scrub with extracts of walnut and woodapple that exfoliates blackheads, dead skin cells and deeply embedded impurities.

The main ingredients:
Walnut, wood apple, nutmeg powder, aloe, bael fruit

What I like about the Himalaya Organique Walnut Facial Scrub?
  1. 98.7% of total ingredients are from natural origin
  2. It has a very calming smell that orginates from natural plant extracts (smells like apple and cinnamon)
  3. My skin feels soft after each use
  4. It is reasonably priced – RM39.90 for 150ml.
  5. Free from artificial fragrance

What can be improved?
I have nothing to complain about this product. However, I prefer the granules to be finer.

Rating for the scent: 4.5/5
Rating for product texture: 4/5
Rating for product effectiveness: 4/5

Why do I like products from organic source?
  1. The ingredients used are from organic farming, therefore, it is earth friendly
  2. Organic ingredients are safe for the skin. No harmful ingredients like parabens, SLS….. These synthetic ingredients that are present in most commercial products will irritate the skin and makes our skin becomes sensitive, dry or clog our pores.

Best of all, I think Himalaya Organique products are pocket-friendly. You get quality product for the money you spend.

At present, the above products are available at the outlets listed below:

Himalaya boutiques:
1. KLCC  Tel: 03 2164 1296
2. One Utama Tel: 03 7710 4761
3. Mid Valley Tel: 03 2288 1581
4. Empire Mall Tel: 03 5022 2066

The price for Himalaya Organique products:

Revitalizing Night Cream - 100ml

Exfoliating Walnut  and wood apple  Face Scrub - 150ml

Hydrating Face Wash - 150ml

Invigorating Face Wash - 150ml

Purifying Neem & Turmeric  Face Wash - 150ml

Intensive Moisturizing Foot Care Cream - 100gm

Comforting Cold Balm - 50gm

Neem & Pomegranate Toothpaste - 150gm

Soothing Massage Balm - 50gm

Nourishing Face Moisturizing Lotion - 200ml

Soothing Hand & Body Lotion - 200ml

Stress Massage Oil - 200ml

Rejuvenating Massage Oil - 200ml

Refreshing Lavendar & Rosemary Handcrafted Cleansing Bar - 125gm

Purifying Neem & Turmeric Handcrafted Cleansing Bar - 125gm

Rejuvenating Shampoo - 350ml

Volumising shampoo - 350ml

Hydrating Shampoo - 350ml

Amla and Basil conditioner - 350ml

I was informed that Himalaya Organique range will be available at selected Watson’s outlets soon.

Has anyone tried this range yet?

Do share and have a lovely day.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nail Art: Lav 018 Summer Orange with lil' flowers

Dear Friends

Just want to share with you my simple nail art design for summer. 

I have never owned an orange nail polish before and this color was a present from a sweet friend. I just trimmed my nails short and so I decided to give them a new look with this lovely orange polish.

My design was inspired by the insignificant wild flowers in the fields in the summer afternoon. The wild flowers may be small and insignificant but they are a sight to behold. 

I drew the flowers using nail art brush instead of pen. I am not so used to the brush, hence the flowers are a little messy on my right hand. Drawing using my left hand is not very easy but it is not impossible. Just need more trainings.

Do enjoy the pics and let me know it you like this design.

Orange doesn't look bad at all on my hands ya. What say you?

For more nail art designs inspired by me, pls click here.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fabulous Pedicure Party by Plusizekitten at HRH Nail Studio

Dear Readers,

I was one of the lucky bloggers who attended Plusizekitten’s Pedicure Party at HRH Nail Studio at Section 17, last Saturday.

Believe it or not, I have never had my pedicure done at any shop before. Why? you may ask, but I don’t really see the need as I have all the equipments at home and I often do it at home when I have the mood. Besides, I heard scary stories from my friends who went for pedicure, she was poked by the manicurist until blood came out.  

Despite the stories from my friends, I jumped at the opportunity when Tammy announced that I was selected to join the pedicure party at HRH Nail Studio. However, I want to be careful and observe how the girl did my pedicure.

There were 5 bloggers at the pedicure party. We were greeted by Tammy. The owner of HRH Nail Studio, Sereen Eng is a very friendly lady. 

Pics with Tammy and other bloggers

Pics with Sereen, Amy and Tomato

I felt very comfortable and welcomed at the party. I love the decorations by Tammy. The balloons are really a pretty sight. It creates the party mood. Tammy is really good at organizing parties. She is always full of creative ideas and it is fun to attend her party.

Posing with the OPI nail polish

I was attended by Amy, a polite young girl who listens to customer’s needs. She does her work well and fast. She is very gentle and throughout the whole process, there was no pain. I had ingrown nail on my toes and she handled them well. I am very pleased with Amy’s work. You can see the picture below to judge for yourself whether she has done a good job. 


Being attended by Amy
I used this new OPI SWISS collection recommended by Sereen.

The pedicure service at HRH Studio includes:
• Nail trimming and shaping;
• Sea salt foot soak;
• Cuticle cleaning;
• Foot File;
• Exfoliating Scrub;
• Soothing lotion;
• Light massage;
• Buff or polish.

The Pedicure service is priced at RM45 while the Manicure is RM35.
Currently, they are having a "Tuesday is Toesday" promotion where you can get a 25% discount for all pedicure services on every Tuesday.

They also have SPA pedicure and manicure. If you are interested, you can visit HRH Facebook page and enquire further. You may also contact them at :

937A, Jalan 17/38, Happy Garden, PJ (above 7 eleven)
Tel: 03-79600669 (10.00am to 7.30pm)

Some nail art designs available at HRH Nail Studio

Besides the pleasant pedicure experience, we also ate some macaroons and cupcakes sponsored by BigBoysOven. I love the chocolate macaroon as it is so delicious. If you observe carefully, you will see the nail design on top of the macaroons and cupcakes. Aren’t they creative? This is my first time trying these funky designed food. Ha..ha.. Am I outdated? I hope not.

Lastly, I would like to thank Tammy for the lovely door gifts. It is really sweet of her. Thanks Tammy! I do hope that you continue blogging as long as you can.

With Tammy, Winner of Cleo's Next Top Blogger

For those who live in PJ, I would recommend that you pay a visit to HRH Nail Studio to try out their services. They will be opening a new outlet at Taman Tun Dr Ismail this coming week. It is called Posh!.

Posh! is located at No 31, Lorong Dato Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail. 
Tel : 03-77241890

Do let me know if you have tried HRH Nail Studio. Have a blessed week!



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