Monday, January 30, 2012

My Haul from US

Hi Everyone

These are my humble haul from US. Nope..I did not go to US but I asked my friend to get for me. Yay! Another 10 nail polishes!

Have a lovely day!


Product Review: IDI 6.10 DermGentle Cleansing Milk (for Sensitive Skin)

Hi everyone

It's Monday and I hope you are ready to start work after the CNY long hiatus. Now back to the review.

Some of you may know that I love to try different types of cleansing milk and I am glad to report to you that one of the products that never go to waste is cleansing milk. I have finished IDI 6.10 DermGentle Cleansing Milk (for Sensitive Skin) several months ago and would like to share with you my views.

Product Description:
An oil-in-water formula (pH6.5), gently and effectively removes make up and impurities while restoring skin's natural hydrolipid film with soothing action.

A formulation with a unique balance of Pro-vitamin B5, Camomile and Shea Butter extract that provides effective emollient action while respecting and protecting the extreme sensitive skin.

IDI 6.10 DermGentle Cleansing Milk (for Sensitive Skin)

1. This cleansing milk is lightly scented with a pleasant scent
2. Removes makeup or sunblock very effectively but does not strip away our skin's natural oil due to its good pH6.5 formula
3. contains bisabolol which is supposed to be good for the skin

1. Contains Paraffinum Liquidum (mineral oil), lanolin alcohol ( I don't have any allergy from these ingredients but just to share in case you are sensitive to them)

IDI products are made in Italy and so far this is the 2nd product that I tried. You can read about IDI MultiAction Mask by clicking on the product name.

Tips to save on Cleansing milk (I have shared before)
I usually wet my cotton pad and squeeze the excess water off before applying the cleansing oil on the cotton pad. This way the cotton pad will not absorb the product and you do not need to use so much product.

IDI products are available at Guardian Pharmacy. I cannot remember the price of this cleansing milk but I think it is not very cheap for a drugstore product.

Have you tried this cleansing milk before? Do you like it?


Friday, January 27, 2012

Product Review: Shu Uemura White Recovery EX Cleansing Oil

I don't use heavy makeup on working days. In fact, after applying my skincare products, I straight away use some loose powder over my sunblock that contains makeup primer. If your sunblock does not contain primer, you have to use a primer before using your loose powder or BB cream or liquid foundation. The face primer, I was told can prevent the pores from clogging. Not sure how true it is but I have been following this ever since I knew about it.

Most of the days, I will use eye shadow without mascara and sometimes no eyeliner too. This shortcut makeup won't give you the best result. If you use eye shadow, you will like using cleansing oil as you do not need to use a separate cleansing product for the face and for the eye. On days that I do not use makeup at all (usually weekends), I will still use cleansing oil or cleansing milk because as long as you use sunblock, you have to double cleanse.

I have finished using the iconic Shu Uemura White Recovery EX Cleansing Oil a few months ago and would like to share with you my thoughts.

The Shu Uemura White Recovery EX Cleansing Oil was launched some time ago last year and I was lucky to win a 450ml bottle.

I believe most of you adore this cleansing oil, not in particular the White Recovery one but may be other range. Apart from the hefty price tag, I think most of us like this cleansing oil.

The one thing that I cannot comprehend is the price tag versus the ingredients. If you are not already aware, the main ingredient of this cleansing oil is Parafinum Liquidum or commonly known as Mineral Oil. Many skincare specialists believe that Mineral oil can clog pores and I am quite convince about the negative effects of mineral oil. Mineral oil is the by-product from the processing of petroleum. Therefore, organic products avoid using mineral oil as the ingredient in their products. That is why I feel safe using oraganic products.

While I like using the Shu Uemura Cleansing oil, I think that it is overpriced. Mineral oil is a cheap ingredient and therefore the price must be cheaper. There are some good alternatives in the market that is 1/5 of the price of Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I will be reviewing them in future.

So much of the mineral oil discussion. Let's get back to the review.

How to use Cleansing Oil?
1. Dispense 3 pumps of cleansing oil into the palm of your DRY hands
2. smooth over dry face 
3. Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil
4. Rinse with water

My Additional Step
In light of my doubt over the mineral oil content, I will use a gel cleanser after using this Shu Uemura cleansing oil. So far, I do not experience any breakouts. Therefore, I conclude that double cleansing can prevent any adverse effect from using mineral oil.

1. Removes water proof mascara and heavy make up (gel liner/liquid liner) very easily without the need to rub too hard
2. The pump dispenser works very well to dispense the product

1. contains Mineral oil as the main ingredients
2. Hefty price tag (About RM280 or more for 450ml)

This bottle of cleansing oil lasts me about 5 to 6 months.

Do you like this cleansing oil? What is your view on mineral oil? Do you double cleanse when using this cleansing oil?

Do share with me and other readers.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nail Art: Lav 025 Chinese New Year Nail Art - Plum Blossom 2012

Dear Readers

I hope it is still not too late to share with you my simple nail art design for Chinese New Year. I named it plum blossom. This design is very simple and can be drawn by anyone who knows how to use a doting tool.
As I just bought some Acrylic Paint and a Nail Doting Tool, I wanted to try them out. I am quite pleased with the result.

If you are free, you can check out my previous CNY nail designs here and here.

The items used are:
1. OPI Base Coat
2. OPI Top Coat
3. Revlon Nail polish - No 440 Siren (I chose this bright orangy color as my background color to bring out the CNY cheer)
4. Nail Doting Tool
5. Acrylic Paint - Titanum White , Lemon Yellow and Burnt Umber

This is the Nail Doting Tool that I bought
1. Base Coat (1x)
2. Revlon Polish (2x) - let 1st coat dry before applying 2nd coat
3. Use the nail doting tool (bigger head) to make 3 dots using white color to make the petals
4. Use the same doting tool (bigger head) to make one dot in the middle of the petals using Burnt Umber
5. Use the fine head of the doting tool to pick up some yellow color and put small dots on the white petals
6. Wait for the color to dry and apply Top Coat

a) Clean the doting tool with water each time you change color
b) if the Acrylic paint is too thick, mix a tiny drop of water and stir properly

Hope you like this simple nail art design that does not require any drawing skill.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy CNY 2012

Dear my Lovely Readers who are celebrating Lunar New Year,

Here is to wish you a very Prosperous and Happy CNY 2012! May you continue to stay pretty and healthy throughout the year.

Thanks for your support!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Product Review: Urban Decay Sky Scraper Mascara

This Urban Decay Sky Scraper Mascara comes with the UD Eye Shadow Primer Potion set which I bought quite a while ago. This mascara is a sample size. Despite that, I still have not finished it yet because I seldom use mascara.

The mascara wand has short bristle and can coat the lashes well, even the fine lashes

Without Mascara

With Urban Decay Mascara - eye lashes appears longer and more dense

1. The mascara wand has short bristle and can coat the lashes well, even the fine lashes
2. lengthens lashes with 2 or 3 coats
3. Curls up the lashes
4. Does not clump the lashes but separate lashes well

1. Smudges easily as I have oily skin, my eye area is oily too

Have you tried this UD Mascara before?

Have a great week!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Product Review: Esmeria Organics (Part 2) - Eye Gel, Shower Gel & Body Lotion

In my previous review, I introduced to you the Alpine Willow Herb Cleansing Gel, Toner and Moisturiser (oily skin range). If you are interested to know about the products, please click here.

Today is the 2nd part of my review and I will be sharing with you yet another 3 Esmeria Organics products.

Esmeria Organics Ultimate 5 Effect Eye Gel

See the eye gel texture - transparent and colourless
Product Description

This eye gel is made with a unique blend of plant extracts known for their ability to brighten, hydrate, soothe and repair the various signs of aging around the eye area.

The gel features the powerful trinity of Brazilian Ginseng, Marapuama and White Lily – all of which are unique to Brazil and can be found in the Amazon rainforest. Brazilian Ginseng is well-known to improve circulation, heal and act as an anti-inflammatory.  Marapuama was discovered by locals and then researched by scientists and is well known for its anti-oxidant properties and its ability to increase physical performance.  Lastly White Lily’s anti-carcinogenic and anti-fungal properties are well documented. Together, the three plant extracts offer 5 benefits – reduce puffiness, lighten dark circles, reduce eye bags, reduce wrinkles and firm the skin around the eyes.

1. The clear gel texture is not oily at all
2. Moisturise the eye area
3. The tube packaging is very hygienic and can allow accurate amount to be dispensed
4. Affordable price - The Ultimate 5-Effect Eye Gel retails at RM49.90 for 15ml

None at the moment

Note: I have not seen the 5 benefits yet as I just tried this product for less than 1 month.

Esmeria Organics Prickly Pear Protective Shower Gel (for normal skin)

The Shower gel is very watery but concentrated
1. Like the smell of essential oil in this shower gel
2. Not drying to the skin and not very foamy because it does not contain the harmful ingredient SLES/SLS
3. Need only a small amount to clean the whole body (Although it is watery, the gel is very concentrated)
4. Active Ingredients: aloe vera leaf juice, prickly pear extract, lavender oil, parfum made from essential oil

Protective Body Wash - 250ml RM29.90

None at the moment

Esmeria Organics Prickly Pear Protective Body Lotion (for normal skin)

The lotion is soothing to the skin and has a pleasant smell
1. Not oily but absorbs easily into the skin
2. Can feel that there is a protective layer on my skin
3. has a very soothing & sweet smell
4. The lotion soothes my skin after mosquito bites. The redness and itchiness reduces after 20 mins. I think that it is due to the essential oil in the lotion
5. Active Ingredients: aloe vera leaf juice, shea butter fruit, sunflower seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, prickly pear extract, butterfly bush extract, thyme extract, lavender oil, ylang ylang oil, geranium oil, parfum made from essential oil

Protective Body Lotion – 150ml RM35.90
None at the moment

Esmeria Organics can be found in Watson’s (selected stores), SHINS, Justlife, Caring Pharmacy, Healthlane Pharmacy, Vitacare Pharmacy, and many other organic stores and pharmacies. For more details, log on to or

Happy Trying!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Product Review: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream & Stage Lip Gloss

Dear Friends

I have done this look quite some time ago but today is the opportune time to show you. This post is actually a review of 2 products that I like:
1. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream SPF 30 PA ++ (Sheer Silky Skin) 
2. STAGE lip gloss (in No. 16 Persephone).

Finally, I can say that I have found my Holy Grail (HG) BB Cream for my oily skin! The color of the BB Cream is just perfect for my skin tone (MAC NC 30). I applied Skin Food Buckwheat loose powder in No. 21 on top of the BB Cream. This loose powder has superb oil control properties. It is my HG loose powder. I bought this loose powder again and again because it is good for my oily skin.

Can you see the heathy glow? I hope so.

Other products used.

Using Elizabeth Arden Eye Shadow in Indigo and Revlon matte, Urban Decay Sky Scraper Mascara

STAGE lip gloss has a very good brush applicator

STAGE lipgloss in No. 16 Persephone - See the sparkle?

See the color, it brightens my pout!

My Review on STAGE Lip Gloss:

1. The applicator is very good
2. The color is very pigmented and suits my cool skin tone
3. The lip gloss texture is not super sticky and there is no wierd taste
4. It moisturise the lips well (I wore it on its own all the time)

1. I think it is quite expensive about RM50 plus (but I bought it during sales, only RM18)
2. Not very long lasting

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream, Sheer Silky Skin - A winner for me
Why I like Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream?
1. Does not oil up my skin but gives a healthy glow (lasts up to 4 hrs before the blotting paper is needed)
2. Does not clog my pores
3. Nice smell
4. Easy to apply evenly on the skin, blends easily & not cakey (How I apply : spread the BB cream on my palm and use 2 fingers to pat on your skin, then apply evenly)
5. has a pump dispenser
6. Color suits my skin tone (MAC NC 30)
7. has SPF 30 PA ++
8. Medium coverage but gives a sheer look (true to the label - sheer silky skin)
9. Can cover my undereye dark circle
10. Does not oxidize on my skin like other typical BB cream

Price : RM70+ (Dec 2011) but I got this at RM40 plus from Korea

This BB Cream suits my skin color (MAC NC 30)
 The oil test - I put the BB Cream on a piece of oil blotter and left it for 14 hrs
After 14 hrs, you can see the small oil stain. Therefore, I think Etude House BB Cream is less oily than normal BB Cream

Have you tried the Products before? How do you like it?

Have a lovely weekend!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Product Review: Esmeria Organics (Part 1)

Dear Friends

I am sure some of you have heard of Esmeria Organics. Esmeria Organics is made in Malaysia. I am really happy because this is the first Malaysian skincare brand that is certified organic by EcoCert, the French-based international organic certification body known for its stringent certification standards. Esmeria Organics not only is the first Malaysian company to receive EcoCert’s stamp of approval but also the first in South East Asia. I am so proud to know this.

For those who are not aware, EcoCert requires that 95% of the ingredients used in any product to be of natural origin and has extremely strict restrictions on what is allowed in the remaining 5%. Furthermore, for a product to be certified organic, 95% of the plant ingredients must be of certified organic origin.

For those who are living in Malaysia, you will find that Organic skin care products are very expensive as most of them are imported from overseas. As a lover of organic products, I am really thrilled to learn that we finally have a home grown organic skin care range that has EcoCert certification without the hefty price tag!

At first I do not appreciate why the facial cleanser is not in a pump packaging as the texture is very fluid and difficult to control the amount to dispense. However, after reading the product literature provided by the PR company, I learnt that Esmeria Organics products are packaged in recyclable boxes and containers.  Products are only boxed where necessary and its packaging avoids the use of materials that are less environmentally friendly.  For example, pumps cannot be recycled as they contain metal and glass and although made from sand, it takes a lot of energy to produce and ship due to its weight.

The Esmeria Organics face care range can be personalized with the 3-step cleanse, tone and moisturize concept. Products are available for those with normal to oily skin, oily and acne-prone skin and dry skin.

The Glasswort range of skincare is for dry, dull and mature skin. Glasswort is found in the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. Its extract called Hydrasinol provides essential hydrating properties to hydrate, protect and reduce moisture loss. 
The Prickly Pear, which is a type of cactus, is for normal to oily skin or otherwise known as combination skin which is the most common skin type in Malaysia and Asian countries.  It hydrates, soothes and protects the skin from UV damage.  This is combined with other advanced bio actives to reduce the production of sebum especially on the T-zone.

The Alpine Willow Herb range is for oily and acne-prone skin. Acne and over-production of sebum is the result of environmental aggressors, blocked pores, bacteria and even overexposure to UV. The Alpine Willow Herb has capabilities to control production of sebum and acne-causing bacteria. It also protects from environmental aggressors and UV damage. According to Esmeria Organics, after continued use, skin will be visibly less oily and pores will become smaller.

As I have oily skin, I was sent the Alpine Willow Herb range for review.

Product Description:

Alpine Willow Herb – for Oily/ Acne Prone Skin
This beautiful pink and purple plant grows amongst rocks and stones in the glaciers. This rare species is rich with flavanoids and tannins. Alpine Willow Herb is proven scientifically to:
1. Reduce oiliness by controlling the production of sebum
2. Reduce skin inflammation by controlling certain types of bacteria that also cause acne
3. Reduce pore size
Alpine Willow Herb Purifying Cleansing Gel

I like the texture of the cleansing gel
What I like about Alpine Willow Herb Purifying Cleansing Gel?
1. A little goes a long way - I only need very little to cleanse the whole face
2. There is no tight feeling after using this cleanser. Therefore, this cleanser does not strip away the skin's natural moisture
3. The texture is clear and watery and it smells like a sweet herb
4. The cleanser does not have a lot of foam as it does not contain the harmful SLS
5. Natural plant based active ingredients: Aloe vera leaf juice, alpine willowherb extract, calendula officinalis flower extract, sweet orange oil, roman chamomile oil, sunflower seed oil, parfum made from essential oil
6. Affordable price - Alpine Willow Herb Purifying Cleansing Gel – 75 ml RM32.90

Note: Due to the watery texture, you must be more careful when dispensing the gel. The product packaging (the opening) is a little too big and may cause product wastage. Do not squeeze the tube as it will over dispense.

Alpine Willow Herb Purifying Toner

What I like about Alpine Willow Herb Purifying Toner?
1. I like the soothing & sweet herbal scent (parfum made from essential oil)
2. This toner is able to calm my acne prone skin. I had some acne recently and found that this toner is helpful to calm my skin
3. Natural plant based active ingredients: Aloe vera leaf juice, alpine willowherb extract, butterfly bush extract, thyme extract, calendula officinalis flower extract, sea water, green algae extract, sweet orange oil, roman chamomile oil, sunflower seed oil
4. Affodable price: Alpine Willow Herb Purifying Toner – 60ml RM32.90

Note: I have no complaints for the toner packaging as it has a small opening

Alpine Willow Herb Moisturizing Gel

Add caption
See the clear gel texture of the moisturiser - I like the gel texture

The Opening is rather too big
 What I like about Alpine Willow Herb Moisturizing Gel?
1. The most outstanding must be the sweet smell. I think it reminds me of the "Leng chee kang" (a type of Chinese dessert) smell
2. The transparent gel texture is easily absorbed into the skin.There is no oily feel at all.
3. Natural plant based active ingredients: Aloe vera leaf juice, alpine willowherb extract, butterfly bush extract, thyme extract, calendula officinalis flower extract, sea water, green algae extract, roman chamomile oil, sunflower seed oil
Affordable price - Alpine Willow Herb Moisturizing Gel – 30ml RM49.90
Note: I will be reviewing the eye gel and other products in Part 2.

Esmeria Organics can be found in select pharmacies and organic stores. For further information, please visit .

Monday, January 2, 2012

Product Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Essence EX

Happy New Year 2012 to all my lovely friends! hope you had a wonderful start to the year.

I want to start the new year by introducing the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Essence EX which I have finished using a month ago. This product is made in China but I am not too worried as it is made under the license of the Mentholatum Co. 

I purchased this hydrating serum when I felt that my skin needs some extra hydration. The common misconception is that when you have oily skin, your skin will not be not dehydrated.

Product Description
1. Provides deep hydration with a high concentration of Super Hyaluronic Acid
2. Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant
3. Skin appears visibly smooth and luminous

Some Ingredients that caught my attention:
Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil, Squalene, Glycerin

The pump design is not good as it spills after several usage
The texture is smooth
What I like
1. smooth texture
2. Hydrates my skin well ( I use this serum after toner followed by Moisturiser and sunblock - during day time, For night, I use this serum after toner, followed by moisturiser and top up with Clinique Mositure Surge)
3. Reasonable price - about RM60 (30ml)
4. No color/fragrance

What I dislike
1. This product contains Methylparaben which is not so good for the skin. Most of the non-organic products contain paraben in the ingredients to preserve the product (including expensive counter brands).
2. The pump design is not good. It spills and can be very messy.

Product Rating: 4/5

Other than that, I have no complaints. Have you tried this before?

Once again, I wish you a Happy 2012!



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