Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fairy Beauty - Beauty from Within

Dear Friends

I am sure by now you have come across so many beauty drinks in the market. Are you a believer of beauty drink? I have not purchased any before but I joined a magazine contest and won a beauty drink last year. I had since finished the drink.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop by Fairy Beauty. We were introduced 2 products - Fairy Whitez and Fairy Blossom.

Key Ingredients of Fairy Whitez
  • Natural Mulberry Concentrate
  • Natural LingonBerry Concentrate
  • Salmon Calcitonine Peptide (1500mg)
  • Collagen Peptide (3000mg)
  • kiwi seed extract (350mg)
  • L-Glutathione (500mg)
A 22ml bottle is only 30.4kcal
To consume 1 -2 bottles a day on empty stomach.

Benefits of Fairy Whitez
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Firms and uplifts skin
  • Promotes cells and tissue regeneration and improves blood circulation
  • Restores skim elasticity and tightens pores
  • Improves moisture retention, promotes smooth and plump skin
  • Reduces dark circles on the eye & face 
  • Promotes radiant skin & reduces pimples
  • Reduces pigmentation and prevents formation of dark pigments
  • Encourages thicker hair growth and promotes healthy nails

Key Ingredients of Fairy Blossom
  • Natural Mulberry Concentrate
  • Natural LingonBerry Concentrate
  • Apple stem cells (1500mg)
  • Pueraria Mirifica extract (1250mg)
  • Pueraria Lobata extract (1250mg)
  • Wild yam (750mg)
  • Lobata & Soy Isoflavone (500mg)
A 22ml bottle is only 31.8kcal
To consume 1 -2 bottles a day on empty stomach.

Benefits of Fairy Blossom
  • Elevates mood
  • Balances hormone and replenich vitamin and mineral
  • Enhances energy
  • Firms & uplifts sagging breasts
  • Strengthens muscle and bone
  • Relieves painful menstruation
  • Delays menopausal symptoms
My personal testimony
I have finished 20 bottles of Fairy Whitez and I love the taste. It is not too sweet. In fact it tastes sourish and is quite concentrated. Both Fairy Blossom and Fairy Whitez have very concentrated taste of berries. Fairy Blossom is slighty sweeter and less sticky in texture. I like the taste of Fairy Whitez better because I like sourish drink. My mom who has not seen me for a month noticed that my skin looked fairer and brighter. I am very happy to hear her complement. The product promises result in 4 weeks but I think it helps me in 3 weeks time.

During the launch, we heard the testimony from MayJune, the beautiful TV host.

MayJune is a very friendly person and I had a photo taken with her.

Fairy Beauty is available at all leading pharmacies and retails at RM89 for 10 bottles (22ml per bottle)

For more information, please visit:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Lilac Event with Yves Rocher

Dear Readers,

How have you been? It's so hazy in Malaysia. I have to wear a face mask when I am outdoor. I hope that the situation will improve soon.

On a happier note, I attended an event organized by the Lilac Box and Yves Rocher. It was my first event with Yves Rocher. I learned that Yves Rocher was created since 1959 in France. Most importantly, they do use organic ingredients in their products. I am a big fan of their Vanilla Body Wash. I bought a big bottle during the event. The product uses organic vanilla and the smell stays on for quite a while after my shower. The vanilla shower gel is really very relaxing to unwind after a busy day at work. 

(Note: The body wash is not 100% organic as I spotted Sodium Laureth Sulfate in the ingredient list)

We were given a "passport" to discover Yves Rocher.


The first counter was the fragrance counter. I chose Moment de Bonheur based on my beauty profile questionaire - Romantic Feminine.

I was very impressed with the skin analysis machine. This machine can measure the skin age against our biological age. Thereafter, the consultant will analyse the result and recommend the suitable product for our skin. It was really exciting as we wait in anticipation for our skin analysis result and our friend's result.

The friendly consultant from Yves Rocher explained the skin analysis result in detail to each participant. We truly appreciate their dedication. We also visited the counter at Sunway Pyramid. I was attended by a very friendly sales staff, I think her name is Suhana. She was very patient in explaining the products that I was interested in.

I wanted to try the Hydra Vegetal Moisturiser but it was out of stock. It must be very good. I will try another outlet in One Utama.

A staff showing one of the lucky draw prizes.
  Here are some of the lucky draw winners during the event.


Some pictures taken at Gardens Cafe (Sunway Pyramid). I love the nice decor.

Thanks to Yves Rocher for the gifts! A special thanks to the Lilac Box for organizing this event.


Have a Happy Day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

REN Skincare - Something Clean for your skin

Dear Readers,

I was invited to a lilac blogger event at Kens Apothecary at Bangsar Village II a few weeks ago. I am not new to REN as I have used some of their skincare products before and am currently using their serum and moisturiser. 

Terry Tian, the Brand Manager has kindly explained the REN skincare range to us. He is very knowledgable and helped to answer many questions thrown by the bloggers.

This is their star product - Morrocan Rose Body Wash

Anti Aging series

Their best sellers - I have tried 2 of them and I am happy with the product

I am currently using the F10 Smooth & Renew Mask - It has scrub beads and smells like papaya paste

This is their Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk - I got one for my mom but she has not tried it yet

Normal Skin Range - I have the cleanser (still unopened)
REN was created in September 2000 by Calcraft and Buck. The creators extolled the concept of “Clean Skincare” and named the brand “Ren” which means “clean” in Swedish.
Buck was quoted as saying: “We’re convinced that Ren’s approach is the blueprint for skincare of the future. With Clean Skincare, you can have the best of both worlds – brilliant products that really work and the comfort of knowing that you’re avoiding chemical nasties.”
The brand’s skincare products are formulated with “cutting edge, clinically proven bio actives” that free skin from unfriendly ingredients.

Starting out with two modest shops in London, the brand now has outlets worldwide, and fans include celebs like Alanis Morisette, Jude Law, Kate Winslett and Nigella Lawson.
The brand aims to make clean products free of skin-unfriendly ingredients or potential irritants such as glycols and diglycols and urea, and pioneer new ways of applying the latest discoveries in bio active technology to produce skincare formulations that boost the skin’s natural processes of protection, repair and renewal.

Bio science is key to making increasingly effective products that will help achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.
The brand also does its bit to minimise the use of the world’s limited natural resources by donating a minimum of 2.5% of its profits to campaigns that promote a better environment and life for the less fortunate.
“Organic”, as a term, is principally understood as the growing and preparation of food products without the use of chemical fertilisers, GM ingredients and chemical additives such as preservatives and colourings.
These days, the term “organic” is being applied to skincare products as well to refer to the use of essential oils and vegetable oils.
According to the press release, “it’s impossible to make skincare products with just essential oils and vegetable oils. It’s in the area of the other ingredients necessary in skincare such as emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives and so on, that the term ‘organic’ is harder to sensibly define”.
Therefore, the brand’s approach is to make clean products that are free from skin-unfriendly ingredients routinely used in the skincare industry today.
The brand sources organic essential and plant oils wherever possible, and uses a significant number of organic plant extracts and oils. It is working to ensure that ultimately, all the plant extracts and oils used are organic.

REN's Philosophy
High Tech Bio-Actives and Effective Natural Ingredients without using skin unfriendly ingredients.

Bio taken from the word Biology: means from the earth. Active means “scientifically proven to be effective”.

Clean - Free from potential skin irritating ingredients to restore comfort and balances the skin while respecting the eco-system of the skin. To boost the skin’s natural ability to Protect, Repair and Renew itself, leaving it protected, Healthy and Radiant. Bio taken from the word Biology: means from the earth. Active means “scientifically proven to be effective”.

Buys (UK) 2012
Best Shower Gel -Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash
InStyle Best Beauty Buys (UK) 2012
Best Body Exfoliator -Moroccan Rose Otto Body Polish
InStyle Best Beauty Buys (UK) 2012
Best Body Oil -Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil
Omega 3 Night Repair Serum
Natural Health Beauty Awards Best Facial Oil
Rose O¹² Ultra-Moisture Serum
Cosmopolitan Best Facial Serum
Look Fantastic Hair and Beauty Awards (UK) 2010 Organic & Natural Best Face Care Product -
Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream
Look Fantastic Hair and Beauty Awards (UK) 2010 Best Body Wash - Seaweed and Sage Body Wash

My thoughts about REN after finishing a few bottles of their products:
1. I like their Hydra Calm cleansing gel - it's very mild and when my skin is irritated/itched when using the wrong paper mask, I would use this cleansing gel to sooth my skin. It did a great job.
2. The Frankinsence night cream is good
3. The serums are good - Hydra Calm & Max Moisture Concentrate
3. The Morrocan Rose shower gel is fantastic 

My REN empty bottles

I like REN because their skincare is free from synthetic fragrance and colours, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, animal ingredients, GM (genetically modified) ingredients, sulfates and parabens.

However, I am struggling to use up the Omega 3 Night Repair serum as it has a fishy smell.

Have a Happy Day! Have you tried REN before?


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nail Art Design LAV 030: Summer Passion

Hi Friends

I have been so so busy lately and today I manage to find time to share with you a very simple nail art design which I named as Summer Passion.

This design is super easy to do. You only need a nail doting tool. Alternatively you can use a tooth pick or anything that you can grab hold of.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vanity Trove : May Edition (Awesome Wholesome)

Hi My Beautiful Friends,

Gosh! It's already June.

I have been wanting to show you the wonderful products that I received from Vanity Trove May box. However, I was too busy with work and other stuff. Hence, the delay.

You know how I love organic products and I was truly happy to receive the May box. Thanks to Vanity Trove who kindly send me this wonderful box.

Let's see the products and you will know what I mean.

In this box, there are 3 full size products:
1. Tilley Goats Milk Soap - RM12 per bar
This soap is chemical free and its ingredients are sourced directly from the Australian Goat Milk farm. 

2. Heaven On Earth Lavender Essential oil - 1.5ml (RM50 for 5ml)
I love lavender essential oil. It can be applied straight to burns and cuts or mixed with sweet almond oil as a massage oil.

3. Schwarzkopf Essensity Natural Shine hair serum - This is a full size product (RM56 for 50ml)
This serum is to tame the frizzy or flyaway hair . It contains essences of organic sesame and olive oils.

4. Pure South Organic Body Lotion with Fresh Goat's Milk - 50ml (RM59 for 255ml)
Rich in Vitamin A and D, rose oil and Rosella extracts, it is effective to treat dry & distressed skin.

5. Avene's Thermal Spring Water (Eau Thermale  Avene) - 50ml (RM19)
Suitable for sensitive skin. it can soothe and soften skin. Use it as often as required.

Finally, there are also some discount vouchers.

Overall, I think that RM50 is a fair price considering you receive 3 full size products.
Vanity Trove has improved in their product selection and this time there are so many good stuff in this box. I am very happy because all are organic products and they are either full size or deluxe size. 

If you wish to subscribe, here are the details


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