Saturday, April 12, 2014

Product Review: HABA foundation

Dear Readers,

Apologies for the super long hiatus. It feels like a century but it's good to be back. 

Today, I am going to share with you my review of HABA liquid foundation.

 I won this liquid foundation from a magazine. I used it for several times and think that it is suitable for oily skinned ladies.  (I have very oily skin)

What I like about HABA :
1. Easy to apply
2. No thick feeling (but the coverage is medium to sheer)
3. Non-oily
4. made from pure crushed minerals from the earth. free from toxic minerals
5. Free of additives, talc, oil, petrol chemicals sulfactant, fragrances, colours amd other chemicals that cause breakouts
6. contains squalane oil  - protects skin from dehydration
7. My face stays fresh for 3 - 4 hrs

 This product is made in Japan and the texture is very liquid and very easy to apply. It turns out very natural for my skin. I really love this foundation though I am not a foundation person. I rarely use foundation to work or anywhere. My makeup routine is just loose powder or pressed powder.

 Here are some pictures to show you why I love this product.

 Price: RM145 for 30ml (during 2013)

Thanks for reading and I hope you can try it.

Happy weekend!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FOTD: DIOR makeup

Hi Girls, 

Today, I am going to show you my DIOR travel makeup set gifted to me by my Greek sis in law. Last year, she came to visit me and bought this set for me. I kept it for so long before I started using it. I have never owned any Dior makeup before and I am happy to be gifted one.

The colours are pigmented and easy to apply. I find that the light colours are too shimery for me. The light blue is very nice. It has the iridescent quality in it and thus it creates a 3D effect. 

I found the foundation powder not suitable for me. the colour is fine but it has very low oil control properties. The lip gloss is good. It is not sticky and does not have any funny taste. It has some fragrance but I am ok with it. The colour is transparent with a slight tint of colour. Just perfect for daily use.

As you can see, the colour turned out to be natural even though I use the blue hues. Have you tried Dior before and what is your favourite product? Care to recommend?

Selamat Hari Raya Korban to all my Muslim readers and Happy holiday to all Malaysians!

Relocation of SkinFood KLCC

Dear Friends

On 3rd Aug 2013, SkinFood KLCC has been relocated to Lot 228B Level 2 , KLCC. It was a nice lot and the shop ambience is very pleasant. I feel very happy and calm when I am inside the shop looking at the latest products available. Stephanie has kindly invited us to visit the newly relocated shop.

I also bought some items. Among others is the Rice Wash Off Mask which is my mom's personal favourite. She always remind me to stock up this item for her. I have previously reviewed quite many SkinFood products. SkinFood buckwheat loose powder is my personal favourite. I have used up quite a few of them. It is good for oily skin. It does not clog pores and can control shine very effectively.

Apart from that, I love SkinFood lipstick too. It has honey as one of its ingredients and is moisturising enough. I do not need to use any lipbalm. I also like their nail polish and nail polish remover. It is very easy to apply and lasted for a week with moderate house work. Another item worth mentioning is their Makeup Remover. It removes makeup effortless and it is gentle to the skin. Overall, I am quite happy with SkinFood products because it is friendly to my skin and my pocket.

So, if you are looking for some skincare or makeup, you may drop by SkinFood outlet at KLCC. I am sure you can find something good for your skin.

Happy shopping!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Product Launch: Milbon Hair Care line

Dear Readers,

It's September already and I have been so busy. Sorry for the lack of post.

A while ago, I was priviledge to attend the launch of a salon hair care line by Milbon. It was held at Nekderx Academy located at Damansara Perdana.

We were also given the opportunity to try out the products. I really like the silky smooth effect of the hair treatment using Milbon range of products. Milbon products are from Japan and is only available in salon.

 The trainer briefed us on the product range and functionality.

The hair treatment consist of 3 steps. The products are design for 3 different hair types:
- Fine to Normal
- Normal to Coarse
- Coarse & Unruly

The Shampoos and conditioners are also design for 3 different hair types:
- Fine & Tangle Hair (SilkyLuxe)
- Medium & Dry Hair (WillowLuxe)
- Coarse & Unruly Hair (VelourLuxe)

The Elujuda Hair Serum is really good. It does not weigh down the hair. It keeps my hair silky but not oily. 

Milbon products does not contain silicon. So, this is a plus point because usually silicon will weigh down the hair and cause product build up that will result in lifeless hair.

Milbon products contain pure collagen. The shampoo and conditioner has very fresh fruity smell which I like.

If you are interested to try out the hair treatment, you may contact Nekderx Sdn Bhd at 03-77268733.

Have a good week ahead and thanks for dropping by.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Payot BB Cream and CicaExpert

Dear Readers

Payot is a brand that I knew when I was a child. However, I have never tried any of their products before due to its limited exposure i.e. only available in salon.

Payot has recently launched the Hydrating Antioxidant BB Cream and Cicaexpert. I was invited to the launch through the Lilac Blogger.

Many people may ask why only now that Payot is introducing the BB cream. Many brands have moved to CC cream. The representative from Payot explained that Payot did an extensive research before coming up with the BB cream. So far, I have only tried BB Cream from Korea and Japan. So, I am quite excited to try BB Cream from France. I am glad to say that it did not dissapoint me at all.

My thoughts about Payot BB Cream
I have tried the BB cream and I really loved it because:

  1. The texture is smooth and applied effortlessly
  2. It is non-oily and the oil control property is superb. It is suitable for my oily skin.
  3. The colour suits my skin tone (I am using 01- light) (my MAC foundation color is NC 30)
  4. It provides light to medium coverage
  5. It provides hydration to my skin with its hydro-dermo regulating complex
Payot BB Cream retails at RM148 for 50ml.

About Cicaexpert
Cicaexpert is a skin repair eccelerator to repair skin alterations and fight scars.

Altered skin is skin where the cutaneous barrier has been damaged:
  1. by punctual trauma, pains of everyday life, after drying of the wound (lacerations, abrasions)
  2. by external irritants (cold, drought,…)
  3. after surgery (post-operation, post-suturing, biopsies,…)
  4. following treatment with aesthetic medicine: peeling, laser, dermabrasion, permanent waxing, tattoos, tattoo removal 
Cicaexpert is retails at RM155 for 40ml 



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