Monday, March 28, 2011

Purple EOTD for My Model

Dear Friends

Thanks for visiting me. Sorry for the lack of post. I have been quite busy with work and other stuff.

In order not to be MIA for too long, here is an EOTD - eye of the day that I have done for my model.

The products used are shown below. 

Note: I did not use any powder or foundation on my model's face.

Let me know your thoughts.Anyone who has received an online education in cosmetology is sure to have some thoughts!

Thanks and have a lovely week!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Yay! Finished Products

Dear Friends

How was your week so far?

This will be a short post to feature some of my finished products that I totally loved. Some products were used up in Dec 2010 & Jan 2011 but I had no mood to post it. Hence, this is a delayed post.

You may click on the product names for the detailed review that I posted some time ago while I was still using the products.

I am very happy for being able to finish all the products below. I have recently repurchase the Origins Dr Weil Plantidote Mega Mushroom Skin Calming Face Mask before the price hike. i.e. RM190 for 100ml

From left:

1. Skinfood Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover - My favourite so far. Now I am using Shu Uemura Cleansing oil. Therefore, not repurchasing this yet.

Do you wanna share your finished products too?

Thanks for visiting.

Have a lovely week!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Product Review: Love Aplha Eye Shadow

Dear Friends

It was shocking to know about the Tsunami that happened in Japan last Friday. Many disasters had happened in many parts of the world almost very regularly. It may be a sign of the end times. (if you believe that there is such a thing as the end time). The Bible did say about the end time and the signs of end times. It did say that God will not destroy the world with water unlike the days of Noah.

Ok back to my review on Love Alpha eye shadow. These eye shadows are provided by kkcenterhk for my reviews. I have some swatches but did not have an EOTD.

The price is less than USD 4.00 for each palette

The swatches are done without primer. I swap the color 2 times.

My Thoughts about Love Alpha Eye shadow:

I am not sure where these eye shadow are manufactured but I have a feeling that it may be China. The packaging is very compact and I love the packaging.

I love the colors as they are quite pigmented when swatched on the hand. However, I find that it does not show so well on the eye lid. I find it hard to blend. Maybe the texture is too shimmery.

I am not so keen on using these eye shadow as I find it hard to blend and for some reasons it doesn't show on my lid. 

My rating: 2/5

Has anyone tried this product yet? Do share.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dolly Wink Eye Lashes

Hi Friends

It has been quite some time since my last post. I have been coming home late and feeling a little lazy these few days. Hence, the lack of post. I have joined some dance classes and kick boxing classes this week. This is to kick start my new year resolution to exercise 3 times a week. Yes, you hear me right I just started implementing my new year resolution. I planned to start earlier but I have no transport due to the accident. Anyway, I got back the car but I still have to fix something on my own. How did your resolution go so far?

Coming back to today's topic. I will show you the Dolly Wink lashes (in No 4) that I received as my birthday present last year from my brother and sister in law. It was my brother's idea to give me these lashes. Thanks to my brother and wife. 

Anyway, I tried the lashes and did not feel brave enough to wear it out. I wore it for this review only and took it off after the photos were duly taken.

I use the Dolly Wink glue provided

Without fake lashes

This view looks like a broom

This view is still ok

My thoughts: 
I think the lashes are quite soft and does not poke the eye. The glue is quite good too.
Sorry, I am not able to tell you whether it last how many hours as I remove it immediatelt after taking the pics.

Have you tried this eye lashes before? Honestly, do you think these lashes look wierd on me? 
I feel odd wearing it and need some honest opinion from you.

Do share and thanks for your support!


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