Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Estee Lauder Model Search Malaysia 2011 - Kick-off Event

Dear Friends

I attended the Estee Lauder Model Search Kick-off event at Mid Valley yesterday. I had fun watching the brief catwalk session by the winners of 2010.

Starting 25 April 2011, the search for this year's winners takes place with the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 road shows at respective shopping malls throughout Malaysia.

  • 25th April to 1st May: Metrojaya Mid Valley Centre Court, KL (03 2284 8422)
  • 9th to 15th May: Parkson Mahkota Parade Concourse, Melaka (06 282 7123)
  • 18th to 23rd May: Jusco Kinta City, Center Court, Ipoh (05 549 5266)
  • 25th to 30th May: Parkson 1 Borneo Concourse, Sabah (088 484 436)
  • 8th to 12th June: Jusco Queensbay Concourse, Penang (04 641 1108)
  • 15th to 19th June: Parkson 1 Utama, LG Oval Concourse, PJ  (03 7726 2377)
  • 28th June to 3rd July: Jusco Tebrau City, Center Court, JB (07 355 4593)
  • 5th to 11th July: Suria KLCC Concourse, KL (03 2382 0600)
For more details on the contest, please read my previous post here.

For those of you who had been wanting to get a professional portrait photo of yourself, this is the time. You only have to pay RM300 to enjoy a full makeover including professional hair styling by Miko Galere and wardrobe styling by Carven Couture. Besides pampering yourself with the makeover, you can also redeem Estee Lauder products worth RM250.

Do enjoy the photos during the event that I managed to snap!

Before the start of the event

The pretty ladies who won last year's model search

I also tried out the new Pure Color lipstick in Red Tango. The chief makeup artist, Joyce Lee chose the color for me to match my red outfit. Although I don't think I can wear red, this color looks quite good on me, what do you think?

Marion Caunter interviewing the ladies on their favourite products

In my red dress. In this pic, I already took out my red lip color to try another color.

The Pure Color lipstick retails at RM85 each, do check them out

Thanks for reading! have a lovely day!


Monday, April 25, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Launch Party at One Utama

Dear Friends

Happy Monday! I attended the MAC Quite Cute Collection launch on Easter Sunday yesterday. I got a mini makeover. If you asked me what caught my attention, it is the nail polish. Look at the pics below. However, the nail polish brush is not too good, the colors are not so easy to apply. I still thinks that Revlon is better, both the brush and color payoff.

With the lovely makeup artist

Pics with the model and staff

I applied top coat upon arriving home. So, my nail color is still intact. My friend told me that her colors already start chipping.

The eye shadows doesn't really show on my skin, I need deeper shades.
So what do you think of the nail colors?

Have a lovely day!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter 2011 Nail Art LAV 016

Hi Friends

If you are celebrating Easter this coming Sunday 24 Apr 2011, I would love to show you a nail art design that is for that special occasion.

I used the silver nail art pen to draw a cross symbol against a dark pink nail polish.
The dark pink symbolises the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross on Good Friday and the silver cross symbolises the victory of the risen Christ on Easter Sunday!

from left: silver nail art pen, Skin food base coat, Skin food nail color no PK213, Skin food top coat

If you are celebrating Easter, I wish you a Happy Easter and may the Good Lord bless you and keep you!


Product Review: Blistex Complete Moisture Lip Balm

Dear Friends

It has been a while since I wrote a product review.

I have been using the Blistex Complete Moisture Lip Balm for a few months now. I came across Blistex in the early 1990's when I was working for the local drug store/ pharmacy while waiting for my exam results.

Well, I must say that I tried looking for this brand high and low and one day I saw it at Watsons but they only have one variety. The one that I am looking for is the mint flavour. Nevertheless, I grabbed it. 

I had a very bad chapped lips a while ago, my lips cracked and bled. It had since improved after seeing the doctor and after applying this lip balm every few hours. I tote this around and apply on my lips regularly. I also apply it before I go to bed.

Product description:
Complete Moisture is formulated with moisturising ingredients that actually penetrate into dry lips, instead of just sitting on the surface.

Good Ingredients (in my opinion) that caught my eyes :
jojoba esters, lecithin, squalene

Some not so good ingredients that I spotted in the ingredient list:
3 types of parabens & petrolatum

My review:
I love the texture of Blistex Complete Moisture. It has a very fresh lemony/citrus taste. It glides smoothly onto the lips and is able to seal in some moisture to a certain degree. It also has sunscreen i.e. oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Rating for flavour: 4/5
Rating for effectiveness: 3.5/5

However, I must warn you that this product contains 2% (w/w) of dimethicone. If you are alergic to dimethicone (a type of silicon normally used in beauty products like moisturiser, sunblock / face cream/serum), you may want to skip this product.

I am quite satisfied with this lip balm and will be on the lookout for the Mint flavour. If anyone of you spot the Mint variant, please let me know.

Thanks and have a lovely week ahead!


Friday, April 15, 2011

The Launch of Charles Worthington - Salon Result at Home

Dear Friends

I am delighted to share with you that Charles Worthington hair care range has finally hit the Malaysian shore! The products are now available at Watsons Malaysia.

I was invited by Xavier Mah Consultancy to join the launch of Charles Worthington at Celcius, Fahrenheit Bukit Bintang last week. It was interesting to witness the hair care demonstration on 2 Malaysian beauties.
Bryan doing a demo on Nadia's hair
Charles Worthington (CW) is one of London's most prolific hairdressers with over 20 years of experience. CW hair care range aims to deliver salon result at home. Their tagline certainly attracts my attention. "Salon results at home"...mmmmm.......to me it means .....Bye bye bad hair days......I have yet to try the shampoo. Let me try it and come back to you ya....
Cassandra Patrick, Tara Roux, Nadia Heng and Bryan Tan

Xavier Mah interviewing Tara Roux, Marketing Manager of PZ Cussons

The celebrities who graced the launch event
Have a lovely Friday and do check out the CW range at Watsons Malaysia. Have a great weekend people!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

f.o.x. Makeup School @ Counter

Dear Friends
Ever wish you could get it right when you apply makeup?

Wanna look fabulous every time you step out of your house?

Ever wonder how to re-create the wonderful look your makeup artist has done for you sometime ago?

Wanna learn the special techniques & tricks-of-the-trade that a Professional Makeup Artist will never divulge to you with minimal cost?

f.o.x. cosmetics will end your woes in just 15 minutes
(excerpts taken from f.o.x cosmetics)

If those are your makeup woos, fret no more because f.o.x. cosmetics has launched their Makeup School @Counter. I really love this concept where we can actually learn hands on makeup from their counter. I was invited for the launch and was attended by the lovely Alice. She is such a friendly makeup artist, very patient when showing me how to do makeup on my monolid.

note: f.o.x. stands for "fusion of expressions"

Alice and I

Products used

A closer look, this is the first time I was taught the correct way to put on these fake lashes. Thanks Alice!

With a minimum purchase of RM 50 & above in a single receipt,  you can enjoy the classes at only RM 15 (Express Class - 15 mins) & RM 25 (Premium Class - 30mins); or FREE with purchase of RM 350 & above. If you are not interested to make any purchase you can pay extra RM 5 and you can join the makeup tutorial at RM 20 for Express Class & RM 30 for Premium Class. I think it is a good deal

If you are free this weekend why not make an appointment with the f.o.x Professional Make-Up Artist and learn some makeup tricks. Just call them at the following numbers from 10am to 6pm, Mondays to Sundays:-
  • f.o.x Parkson Sg. Wang counter : 012-390 0108
  • f.o.x Parkson Sunway Pyramid counter : 012-390 1293
  • f.o.x Parkson 1-Utama : 03-7724 1587

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 - Malaysia

Dear Friends

I have a good news to share with all the pretty ladies out there. If you have been wanting to pamper yourself with a makeover by a professional makeup artist and stand a chance to win the coveted title, read on.

This April, Malaysian beauties can have their moment to shine in the glamorous spotlight as well as showcase their beauty and personality to show that they too have what it takes to be an ‘It’ Girl! That’s right – the search is on again for the two winners of Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 where fabulous prizes await, including an all-expenses paid trip for two to Korea!

This time round, the Estee Lauder Model Search Contest 2011 goes Pure Color for its search of its very own ‘It’ Girl. An important element in makeup, colours can make all the difference in how you feel and look, as well as give you completely new looks each time, igniting your beauty and personality. With this in mind, the Estee Lauder Model Search Contest is on the lookout for the two women who embody the spirit of Pure Color – fun, glamorous and modern!

Starting 25th April 2011, the search for this year’s winners takes place with the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 road shows at respective shopping malls in major cities nationwide. All hopeful candidates have to do is go to any of these Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 road shows and sign up for their chance to win overnight fame as well as prizes totalling over RM240,000. The Estee Lauder Model Dream Team will be at hand to find the women who embody the Estee Lauder Pure Color beauty philosophy: timeless beauty that represents today’s take on allure as well as someone who has the Estee Lauder It factors – confident, modern and elegant.

Like previous Estee Lauder Model Search competitions, two winners will be announced from the two categories – Category A for ages 29 and below, and Category B for ages 30 and above. That’s not all – subsidiary winners will also be announced from both categories, winning titles such as Estee Lauder-Andrews Models Most Promising Catwalk, Estee Lauder-Carven Ong Most Couture, Estee Lauder-Canon Most Photo Perfect, Estee Lauder-Galere Hair Ambassador and Estee Lauder-Miss Smile Korea. Winners of these subsidiary titles will also bring home fabulous prizes from Estee Lauder and the sponsors for the competition.

Open to all female Malaysians between the ages of 15 and 50 or non-residents who will be in Malaysia for the next 12 months, the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 selection process will take place in eight different locations in six different cities nationwide – Klang Valley, Melaka, Ipoh, Kuching, Penang and Johor Bahru. Held from 25th April 2011 to 10th July 2011, contestants will have to make their way to the road shows at these dates:

  • 25th April to 1st May: Metrojaya Mid Valley Centre Court, KL (03 2284 8422)
  • 9th to 15th May: Parkson Mahkota Parade Concourse, Melaka (06 282 7123)
  • 18th to 23rd May: Jusco Kinta City, Center Court, Ipoh (05 549 5266)
  • 25th to 30th May: Parkson 1 Borneo Concourse, Sabah (088 484 436)
  • 8th to 12th June: Jusco Queensbay Concourse, Penang (04 641 1108)
  • 15th to 19th June: Parkson 1 Utama, LG Oval Concourse, PJ  (03 7726 2377)
  • 28th June to 3rd July: Jusco Tebrau City, Center Court, JB (07 355 4593)
  • 5th to 11th July: Suria KLCC Concourse, KL (03 2382 0600)

To qualify, contestants have to purchase the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 Package for RM300 that entitles them to an entry form, a full makeover by an Estee Lauder Makeup Artist, wardrobe styling by Carven Couture, professional hair styling by Miko Galere, photography session by professional photographers, one instant A4 photo emulating a magazine cover and RM250 redemption voucher for Estee Lauder products.

The entry forms received from the road shows will then be put through a semi-finals judging round whereby the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 panel of judges will select from the two categories the 10 best entries from the first six road shows. Professional photos of these semi-finalists will then be uploaded onto the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 website, www.esteelaudermodelsearch.com.my, for a seven-days online voting competition. The top entry with the most votes from each category will be the finalists representing the location for the Grand Finale.

But wait, there is a twist to the competition, with the Wild Card judges round thrown in to make the search even more interesting. During this round, the judges will select from the two categories four more finalists from the last two locations to join the other finalists in the Grand Finale. And to make up the 10 finalists, the judges will also make their final selection from the overall semi-finalists from all locations, picking their top favourite for each category.

From there, the finalists will be given a two-day catwalk training by Andrews Models’ professional catwalk experts. They will then showcase their catwalk and modelling ability as well as their beauty, elegance, confidence and style during the Grand Finale held in Suria KLCC Concourse on 12th July 2011. The Grand Prize winners from both Category A and Category B as well as the subsidiary titles winners will be announced at the exciting and star-studded Grand Finale.

Selecting the 10 finalists will be a gruelling process, which is why Estee Lauder Model Search 2011’s panel of judges consists of industry experts who know what it takes to be a winner and will be able to find the two shining stars the be the Grand Prize winners. The judges are Katrina Liew, Brand General Manager for Estee Lauder Malaysia; Erra Fazira, award winning actress and singer, Andrew Tan of Andrews Models; designer Carven Ong; Miko, the talented hair stylist and founder of Miko Hair Studio & Academy; Mr. Yun Jaejin , Managing Director Korea Tourism Organization Kuala Lumpur office, Brunei and Philippines; Simon Wong, Director, Imaging Communication Products Division of Canon; and Aaron Lee, noted fashion photographer of Myth Studio.

The winners for the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 will take home fabulous prizes worth RM51,500 plus opportunities of a lifetime. Both winners from each category will take home Estee Lauder products worth RM12,000; an all-expenses paid 6D/4N health and beauty tour package for two to Korea worth RM8,000; a six-page beauty spread in Cleo, Cosmopolitan, The Malaysian Women’s Weekly and Cittabella; two Carven Ong creations worth RM4,600; a model’s portfolio from New Look Photo Studio worth RM2,000; a Miko Hair Studio voucher worth RM1,000; Andrews Models modelling classes worth RM2,500; and a Canon Digital Ixus 220HS camera worth RM1,000.

Meanwhile, the winners of each subsidiary titles will take home prizes just as fabulous including a year complimentary hair styling services worth RM12,000 at Miko Hair Studio and the chance to be its hair ambassador for a year (Estee Lauder-Miko Galere Hair Ambassador winner), a chance to appear in Carven Ong’s fashion shows and advertisements (Estee Lauder-Carven Ong Most Couture winner), a magazine beauty spread (Estee Lauder-Canon Most Photo Perfect winner) and so much more! The other finalists won’t go home empty handed either as they take home an Estee Lauder product hamper worth RM1,000 each.

Even the public stands a chance to win prizes from the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011. Two online competitions will be held – the first to guess the correct location winners will each win an Estee Lauder fragrance and one personal makeup lesson worth RM200 while the first to guess the correct Grand Prize winner will win RM1,000 worth of Estee Lauder products.

Who will win this year’s coveted title of the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 Grand Prize winners? Find that out at the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 Grand Finale on 12th July 2011, Suria KLCC Concourse.

Get into the excitement of the search as well by voting for your favourites and you too could stand a chance to win fabulous prizes! All this and more happening at the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 where the search for the women of Pure Color is on.

For more information, log on to www.esteelaudermodelsearch.com.my or call the hotline at    011 1923 3878/879.

So, anyone is interested to join?
Wish you all the best and who knows you might be one of them!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Product Review: Derm10

Dear Friends

For those who visit my blog fequently, you would know by now that I have very oily and pimple-prone skin. I have been battling with acne during my younger days. I suffered from serious acne due to hormonal imbalance when I was studying in uni. Hence, I have bad acne scarring all over my face until today. 

Recently, I am trying out Derm 10 products for a few weeks already and would like to share with you my thoughts about them.
About Derm 10
Derm10 is a salon product created by dermatologist. It has a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to counter products. The products are manufactured in Malaysia but the formulation is from US.

The products that I tried are:
Derm10 Comodone Complex , HA Gel , Smoothening Complex

Derm10 Comodone Complex , HA Gel , Smoothening Complex

Derm10 Anti-Blemish Cleansing Complex & Anti-Blemish Toning Complex

Derm10 Comodone Complex
Product Description: 
A combination of herbal and botanical extracts known to be effective for comodone (black heads and white heads) treatment. Regular application helps to dissolve keratin impacted in comodones, This complex also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activities.
Active Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf extract (Rosemary), Betula Alba Leaf extract and some other leaves extracts

How to use?
After toner, use 1-2 pumps and pat on the skin (for Day & Night use)

What I like about Derm10 Comodone Complex?
1. It has a herbal smell due to its ingredients
2. It is very light
However, my skin is slow to absorb it. My beautician did comment that my skin is slow to absorb. i don't know why.

What to Expect?
I find that after using for 1 week, when I apply light pressure to squeeze my white and black heads, they came off very easily. I recently went for facial and the beautician commented that my skin is very clean with very little white/black heads. 

Who would I recommend?
People who has white or black heads

Price: RM96 for 15ml

My Rating : 4/5

Derm10 Smoothening Complex
Product Description: 
A gentle lotion containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to exfoliate excessive corneocytes. Regular use will also result in a smoother texture.

Active Ingredients: 
14% AHA (the AHA concentration is much higher that counter products), Glycolic acid, Stearic acid, Bisabolol, Aloe vera

How to use?
1. After toner and Comodone Complex, I use 1 pump and pat on the skin. Avoid eye area. Do not rub in.
2. This product must only be used at night only. Do not expose your skin to the sunlight when using this product. 
I was instructed to use the products for 2 weeks and stop for 2 weeks. Repeat the cycle until you are happy with the result.

 What to Expect?
1. Immediately after I applied on my skin, I felt a slight tingling sensation. Some people may experience a mild burning sensation. The effect will go away in a while.
2. Over a period of 2 weeks, I can see that my skin texture has slight improvement.
3. I also experienced some redness and slight peeling after using for 10 days. 

Who would I recommend?
People who has severe acne scars and uneven skin
This product is not sold online, for those who are interested to purchase, please leave a message at their website here

Price: RM96 for 15ml 

My Rating : 4/5

Derm10 HA Gel
Product Description: 
A truly powerful, natural and oil free humectant, to attract water molecules to the skin, preventing water evaporation, and stimulating new cell growth. A major component for skin tissue repair. Recommended for all skin types to achieve a full and plump look to the skin.

Active Ingredients: Purified Water & 100% Hyaluronic Acid

How to use?
After toner and Comodone Complex I use only one pump and pat on the skin (for Day & Night use). Followed with moisturiser. I omit moisturiser most of the time.
Note: I only use at night when I am not using the Smoothening Complex (2 weeks resting phase)

What I like about Derm10 HA Gel?
1. It is 100% Hyaluronic Acid
2. It is oil free. the texture is watery and transparent.
3. It applies smoothly onto the skin, the weightless feeling is great.
4. It is very hydrating
However, my skin is slow to absorb it due to no apparent reason.

Who would I recommend?
People who has dehydrated skin

Price: RM138 for 30ml

My Rating : 4/5

Note: Please excuse me for showing you these gross pictures. Even though my skin does not show drastic improvement, it felt smoother and cleaner after 2 weeks of usage. With continued use, I hope to see more improvements.


                                                                       After 2 weeks

Overall, I am quite pleased with the above Derm 10 products that I have tried. I feel that it is not too harsh for my skin. I would like to thank Derm 10 for letting me experience their products.

Note: I am not paid for writing this review. I am writing this review based on my experience using Derm 10 products and all opinions are not influenced by Derm 10. You may experience similar or different result due to different skin types and conditions.

Do share if you have experience using these products before.
Thanks for visiting me.



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