Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shills - Bulgaria Rose Skincare launch

Dear friends

Have been quite busy at work this month. Thank God I still find time to attend Shills product launch. This time, they launched the Bulgaria Rose Skincare range. I think the product range is quite complete. 

Every product contains the Bulgaria Rose essential oil. The Shills Bulgaria Rose Skincare is very soothing to the senses, I feel like I am in a rose garden.

This Shills Rose Luxury Essence is a serum that is fast absorbing. The texture is very light, almost watery and smells great too. The serum is for hydration and anti-aging.
Rose Luxury Essence RM99 for 30ml

The Shills Rose Essential 5 in 1 Deep Clarifier is a multi-functional product that can remove make-up, clean, exfoliate, moisturise and control sebum. I haven't tried this but seems to be interesting. Have not seen such a product before.

RM79 for 250ml

The Shills Rose Essential Whitening and Repair Night Cream is quite impressive. Besides smelling good it has a non-oily texture. I tested the product on my skin and I like the texture. I have also tried the texture of the Day Cream and like the gel texture. The Day cream is also non-oily, perfect for Asian weather. I am quite impressed with this product range. 

RM99 for 50ml
There was a product demo during the event. The trainer showed us the correct way to apply all the products.

With Estee, the boss of MaskSlim.

With Sharon, Wendy and Sherry

Have you tried any of the Shills Bulgaria Rose skincare?

Do share with me.

Have a good day!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Product Review: Hada Labo Air BB Cream

Dear Beauty Buddies,

Today, I will be sharing with you another beauty product that has made it to my "worthy" list. It is none other than the Hada Labo Air BB Cream which was launched during the 4th quarter of last year. I attended the launch event and learnt many tips. If you want to read about the tips, you can read it here.

I have put the product into test for several occasions and it passed the test with flying colours. I have received compliments from friends when using the BB cream. I usually apply a very small amount using the patting motion followed by sweeping motion. It is really easy to apply and the best part is my face that is very oily in nature did not turned super oily even after 3-4 hours after I went out under the sun. I just need to blot my face once or twice a day and it can last me throughout the whole day.

Product rating: 4.5/5
Product texture: 4.5/5
Colour: excellent , no greyish effect 
Price: RM55.90 for 40g

So, I will show you some pictures.


I am using Natural beige, with loose powder and some blush

My face after a few hours.
So, if you have oily face like me and you love to use BB cream but fear of the oily after effect, fret not, Hada Labo Air BB cream is the answer for you.

Give it a try and let me know the result.


pureDKNY A Drop of Rose - Launch

Dear Friends,

I am sure you will be excited to hear that DKNY has launched another new fragrance this new year. It is none other than the pureDKNY A drop of Rose. This fragrance is made from rose damascene variety harvested from the Isparta Valley of Turkey.

What is so special about this fragrance? The flowers are handpicked in the cool pre-dawn hours of June each year and brought to the processing plant within hours of harvesting. The hydro-distillation process is used to extract the rose essential oil.

This year, pureDKNY is continuing its partnership with CARE -  a leading humanitarian organization to help lift women out of global poverty. By purchasing the rose from local farmers in Turkey, the majority of whom are women, pureDKNY is helping to secure long term production of rose in Isparta. Hence, the women of Isparta Valley will have a sustainable income.

It is really heart warming to know that pureDKNY is embarking in this partnership with CARE. So, for those of you who is still thinking of what to buy for yourself or your loved ones for this new year, perhaps you should drop by at any DKNY counter and try out the smell. Who knows? You might fall in love with the scent.

I personally love to use rose essential oil. So, pureDKNY is my type of perfume. It smells sweet like a garden of rose but not heavy at all. The good news is that It is an Eau de Parfum, therefore it will last longer.

Price: 50ml - RM255, 100ml - RM355
Availability: all authorized DKNY fragrance counters nationwide from Feb 2013

Here are some pictures taken during the launch. 

picture courtesy of Aramis

with Sue Fern from Aramis

a group picture with Sue Fern and fellow bloggers

You can go to DKNY Share if You Care Facebook tab for an extended visual experience.
Happy 2013! and have a great day!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

VanityTrove is available in Malaysia now!

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! VanityTrove has hit the Malaysian shore! 

VanityTrove was inspired by the concept of fukuburuko, the mystery grab bag style of presenting products from the fashion hub of Japan.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on for the monthly subscription fee of RM60/- (inclusive of packing, shipping & handling fees) or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options to get credits that goes towards redeeming a complimentary trove!
  2. Receive each month’s edition before the month starts. (You’ll get March’s themed trove by end of February!)
  3. Receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it! Try and share it with your beauty buddies.

For RM60, you will receive beauty products selected by Vanity Trove beauty expert behind the scene so that you can try the  latest beauty products in the market.

For more information, you can visit:

Happy shopping!



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