Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Nail Art Creation

Hi girls,
I would like to share some of the photos of my hand drawn nail art creation.
All designs are drawn using the nail art pen except the Shooting Star design.

a) Autumn Leaf - This one is using lilac base with simple blue and light purple motive.

b) Yellow flower -is a cute look for young girls

c)This is called Flower Power - its a combination french manicure with floral designs,
suitable for parties and occasions.

d) French Manicure - done without using the tape. I find it easier and less messy if you have steady hands.

e) Midnight flower - this design was created during Christmas

f) Sunshine Glitz - Yellow flower with blue shimmering tip

g) Pastel Fatale - Gold base with purple and pink flower - like Japanese girl's style due to the pastel colours used.


h) Blue Symphony - Blue flower with alternate butterfly motive.


i) A closer look at the blue butterfly motive.


j) Shooting Star - the star is not drawn, it's a sticker


k) Floral Enigma - Some floral designs

A closer look at the Brown and white floral strings


A closer look at the Pink White Tulip


That's all for today, I will share again another time! Tell me which is your favorite?


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