Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Lilac Event with Yves Rocher

Dear Readers,

How have you been? It's so hazy in Malaysia. I have to wear a face mask when I am outdoor. I hope that the situation will improve soon.

On a happier note, I attended an event organized by the Lilac Box and Yves Rocher. It was my first event with Yves Rocher. I learned that Yves Rocher was created since 1959 in France. Most importantly, they do use organic ingredients in their products. I am a big fan of their Vanilla Body Wash. I bought a big bottle during the event. The product uses organic vanilla and the smell stays on for quite a while after my shower. The vanilla shower gel is really very relaxing to unwind after a busy day at work. 

(Note: The body wash is not 100% organic as I spotted Sodium Laureth Sulfate in the ingredient list)

We were given a "passport" to discover Yves Rocher.


The first counter was the fragrance counter. I chose Moment de Bonheur based on my beauty profile questionaire - Romantic Feminine.

I was very impressed with the skin analysis machine. This machine can measure the skin age against our biological age. Thereafter, the consultant will analyse the result and recommend the suitable product for our skin. It was really exciting as we wait in anticipation for our skin analysis result and our friend's result.

The friendly consultant from Yves Rocher explained the skin analysis result in detail to each participant. We truly appreciate their dedication. We also visited the counter at Sunway Pyramid. I was attended by a very friendly sales staff, I think her name is Suhana. She was very patient in explaining the products that I was interested in.

I wanted to try the Hydra Vegetal Moisturiser but it was out of stock. It must be very good. I will try another outlet in One Utama.

A staff showing one of the lucky draw prizes.
  Here are some of the lucky draw winners during the event.


Some pictures taken at Gardens Cafe (Sunway Pyramid). I love the nice decor.

Thanks to Yves Rocher for the gifts! A special thanks to the Lilac Box for organizing this event.


Have a Happy Day!

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