Friday, August 9, 2013

Payot BB Cream and CicaExpert

Dear Readers

Payot is a brand that I knew when I was a child. However, I have never tried any of their products before due to its limited exposure i.e. only available in salon.

Payot has recently launched the Hydrating Antioxidant BB Cream and Cicaexpert. I was invited to the launch through the Lilac Blogger.

Many people may ask why only now that Payot is introducing the BB cream. Many brands have moved to CC cream. The representative from Payot explained that Payot did an extensive research before coming up with the BB cream. So far, I have only tried BB Cream from Korea and Japan. So, I am quite excited to try BB Cream from France. I am glad to say that it did not dissapoint me at all.

My thoughts about Payot BB Cream
I have tried the BB cream and I really loved it because:

  1. The texture is smooth and applied effortlessly
  2. It is non-oily and the oil control property is superb. It is suitable for my oily skin.
  3. The colour suits my skin tone (I am using 01- light) (my MAC foundation color is NC 30)
  4. It provides light to medium coverage
  5. It provides hydration to my skin with its hydro-dermo regulating complex
Payot BB Cream retails at RM148 for 50ml.

About Cicaexpert
Cicaexpert is a skin repair eccelerator to repair skin alterations and fight scars.

Altered skin is skin where the cutaneous barrier has been damaged:
  1. by punctual trauma, pains of everyday life, after drying of the wound (lacerations, abrasions)
  2. by external irritants (cold, drought,…)
  3. after surgery (post-operation, post-suturing, biopsies,…)
  4. following treatment with aesthetic medicine: peeling, laser, dermabrasion, permanent waxing, tattoos, tattoo removal 
Cicaexpert is retails at RM155 for 40ml 



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