Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Product Review: Fake Eye Lashes ES A166

Dear Friends

I have been sent these fake lashes 2 weeks ago by KKCenterHK . I have tried it and here is my review.

The brand of fake lashes shown here are from ES Brand. The products are made in Korea. One box contains 10 pairs. The price is quite reasonable.

Only one side with fake lashes.

The lashes looks quite natural from this angle ya?

My comments on this design A166 :
1. The lashes are soft and easy to apply (perfect for beginners)
2. It does not prick your eyes as the material is like fabric.
3. It looks quite natural as you can see in my pics.

I am pleased with the ES lashes.

If you like fake lashes, you can visit KKCenterHK.
I think they ship to most countries.

I have also reviewed other ES brand fake lashes earlier. you can click here to see my review.




xin said...

the lashes look outrageous from top view, but they look really natural once you open your eyes. i did not try the ES, but i quite like the other brands too

lavender said...

Hi Xin

agree with you.


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