Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lancome Lip Lover Launch

Dear Beauty Buddies,

I am so excited to share with you that lancome has launched yet another awesome lip product this month!
It's called Lip Lover and the packaging is so sleek and cool.


Lancome Lip Lover is a hybrid lip product with the biggest ever palette of pinks specially created for lips: 18 feel-good shades divided into two colour families.

Why is Lancome Lip Lover a Hybrid lip product? Because it has the following 3 qualities:
1. The comfort of a balm
2. The refined colour of a lipstick.
3. The shaping shine of a gloss. Lip Lover excels in all areas!

What do I think about Lancome Lip Lover?
To be honest what attracted me most is the packaging. It's small and sleek. So, it's not difficult to bring along in my handbag.
Secondly, I like the color range. You can pick something that is light, medium or darker according to your liking. You can find almost a match to all your different shades of pink outfit in your closet!
Thirdly, the texture is not sticky at all and there is no "funny" taste.

Lip Lover has a trio of best assets:

-        Colour: infused with lipstick pigments

-      Shine: “made-to-measure”, subtle and re-plumping shine that can be built up and intensified layer by layer. Its secret: an ultra-shiny, non-sticky silicone-infused oil allowing for a glide-on texture that smoothes out any irregularities on application.

-       Lipcare: emollient and moisturising agents that lasts up to 8 hrs

A genuine innovation to leave lips flawlessly kissable: Lip Lover is equipped with an intelligent bi-phasic formula. Its emulsion separates on application so the pigmented phase can fuse with lips while the glossy film rises to the surface to sublimely coat lips…

Basic Chic shades
From pink-beige all the way to rosewood, a palette of delights built around the theme of pink!
9 fresh and delicate shades for a subtly lip-beautifying effect. From soft nudes to intensely pigmented shades, the Basics are resolutely Chic.
For example? Casse-Noisette, a ballerina pink with all the grace of a dance step, Beige Adage, a light-infused flesh tone to match the pink in cheeks, or why not Corail Cabriole whose subtle orange accents serve to brighten every complexion...
313 Rose Ballet
314 Casse-Noisette
316 Rose Attrape-cœur
318 Abricot Tango
320 Ambre Arabesque
321 Rose Contre-temps
333 Rose des Nymphes
334 Corail Cabriole
338 Rose des Cygnes

Creative Chic shades
A cascade of resolutely pop shades to offer a daring twist to every look... A sparkling range infused with all the charm of coral, raspberry and deep purple, including a range of mouth-watering delights such as Pas de Prune, an intense magenta to electrify beauty, Rose Gracieuse, a radiant shade with ruby tints, Belle de Rouge, a vibrant shade for mischievous lips, or Bordeaux Tempo, a deep and utterly bewitching purple.

336 Orange Manège
337 Lip Lover
339 Fuschia Attitude
351 Pas de Prune
353 Rose Gracieuse
355 Framboise Étoile
356 Belle de Rouge
357 Bouquet Final
362 Bordeaux Tempo

The star shades

These Lip Lover range shades are simply indispensable. If you had to choose three essential, universal shades to keep all to yourself and at all times:

Rose Attrape-cœur, a delicate peony pink guaranteed to win hearts.
Framboise Étoile, a ripe raspberry shade, for delectably irresistible lips.
And of course Lip Lover itself, a radiant fuchsia you can’t help falling in love with…

Lancome Lip Lover retails at RM75. The above is shade #337 - Lip Lover (if not mistaken)

I am using shade #338

The swatches
Look at the colors!! - I am sure you can find a shade that you like

5 Lip-Tips from the Lancôme Make-up Artistry

It’s never been so easy to play with trends and create incredible colour effects on lips with outstanding precision thanks to the arrow applicator:

Heart-shaped lips

For stunningly delectable lips, adorn them with Rose des Nymphes, plus a hint of Corail Cabriole in the centre. For an even more daring look, apply Rose de Minuit to lips with Orange Manège in the centre – a contrast guaranteed to put lips in the spotlight!

Volume-boosting border

Doesn’t every woman dream of defined lips with plumped up volume? The secret: create contrast between the lips and the contour to enhance the central colour. Try using Rose Ballet all over lips with a light border of Air de Violine: a high-volume effect without fail!

Plumped-up lips

For impossibly plump lips, try using a light shade over the whole lip with a dark shade at the corners: two hints of Ambre Arabesque will accentuate Pas de Prune, or why not try a duo of Violette Pirouette at the corners with Framboise Étoile as the base tone.

Tone-on-tone volume

Choose two shades fairly close together in the colour palette to balance out the width of the upper and lower lips. Apply the lighter colour to the thinner lip to bring out its volume; use the darker colour on the thicker lip. For example, try it out with Rose Attrape-cœur and Lip Lover!

Crazy contrast

Go for a daringly wild mix & match with surprising colour contrasts like Abricot Tango on the upper lip, juxtaposed with Fuchsia Attitude on the lower lip.

Have you checked out the Lancome Lip Lover yet? Do check them out when you are out in the mall this weekend and let me know your favourite shade, will you?

Have a happy week!

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