Monday, March 8, 2010

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream and Lilan Vital Magical Makeover BB Cream

Dear Readers,

I hope eveyone enjoyed your weekend.

Today, I am going to talk about BB Cream which stands for blemish balm cream. I am very new to this. I only tried it last year when I attended the Tsuya-tsuya workshop in 2009. Most BB creams that I came across are produced in Korea. 

Recently, my Korean friend gave me a brand new Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream. She is such a sweet girl. At the same time, my mom also bought the Lilan Vital Magical Makeover BB Cream from Cosway. Both are SPF 42. I got color no 21 for Missha BB cream. 

I have conducted a mini experiment. I put the creams on blotting paper and check them after several hours and on the next day. The result is shown below.


Missha BB Cream Ingredients:

Lilan Vital BB Cream Ingredients:

At 11.35am, (just after 5 mins of application) , you can see that the oil stains start showing

At 6.45pm, the oil stains spread further

On the next day, the oil stains spread even further.

Conclusion of my mini experiment:
Both Missha and Lilan Vital BB Cream are equally as oily as shown in the experiment above. 

What is the outcome when I apply on my oily face?
As some of you may know, I have very oily skin. I have applied both BB cream on my face on different occasions and regret to inform you that my face turned super oily after 2 hours even after I set it with loose powder. (I think you can fry eggs on my face....that oily, I am serious)

Therefore, for those with oily skin, you may want to try Revlon Liquid foundation instead. Click here to see my review.

I have searched the net and read about Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream with SPF 30 (USD 28). According to the reviewer, it is very suitable for oily and acne prone skin. She claimed that her skin conditioned improved a lot after using this product. Has anyone with oily skin tried this? Pls share. 

After conducting this mini experiment and testing both BB creams on my face, I really do not feel like trying on BB cream anymore. If you have oily skin and know of any BB creams  that will not make oily skin more oily, please share with me and other readers too.

Thanks everyone!


Unknown said...

oh no. my skinn soo oily too.
and i just ordered bb cream from ebay.
thanks for your review :)

Sherry said...

wow nice :) no try this before.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Thats such an innovative way to test whether something is going to work on your face!

I never knew what BB cream stood for, now I know. :)

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

wow, 2 bb creams at once! You're so lucky! Too bad they don't work on you.. :( But no matter la, still got plenty more available, haha.. :)

DinaXYYan said...

I'm still searching for a good BB cream for my oily skin too. Skinfood Aloe BB cream makes me have to blot after 3 or 4 hours.

Kasia said...

BB cream are such a wonderful thing. I love the one by Skin Food, Aloe Vera.

I gave you an award dear;)

Sue said...

I have heard about Missha's BB cream but didn't know it was that oily! -_- thanks for sharing! =D

mama monkey said...

dear lavender,

just something to share. my face is an oil mine too. i wear an oil control makeup base e.g. biore uv face milk ( available at Guardian ) under my BB cream. So far, BRTC Perfect Recover is touted to have the best oil control and is a bit at the high end range of bb creams due to its medical grade. The effect on me is that by the end of the day, I oil up only so much to impart a dewy glow to my skin which I love :-) i have binned my blotters long time ago since then :-)

jy said...

Hi Lavender,

I agree with The Mama. BRTC Perfect Recover is the best for oily skin. But it's kinda pricey, i've read in Kimoko's blog that there's another brand called "Coogi Flowertox" which is cheaper and has comparable oil control. I myself have only tried Coogi, and i like it more than Dr Jart silver bb cream.. :)

Unknown said...

I can't log into my main account since i'm at work >.<

Initially when I first used Skin Food BB cream I complained it was too oily for me too it was only a while later that I relized that it was only oily because I put too much on (i need coverage :D). I wonder if this is the case for you too..

for the experiment, it would have been better on seperate pieces of blotting paper, that way we can see which is oilier :D
but it's interesting nevertheless.

One BB cream that has super good oil control (to me anyway) is the Etude house precious mineral. It only comes in one shade but I've loved it because i don't have to blot or anything for over 10 hours.


minnydino said...

thanks for your review !! i was looking for reviews of bb cream from cosway, because recently my mum just gave me 1 too...
and i am thinking to buy a missha bb cream for myself... what a coincidence huh ;p
so actually which 1 of them has the better outcome?? or they both have look the same on the face?? (ignore the oil that they contain...)

Lavender said...

thanks everyone for your comment and sharing.

the coverage for mishha is better than the cosway one.

Witoxicity said...

LOL@ fry eggs on the face. That much oil, huh? I've never tried BB creams before. It could be all a lot of hype.

minnydino said...

thanks a lot !! =D

Marionette Doll said...

Hey I have a oily skin too, but since today I've used that missha bb also no 21. and it worked out really great. but there before I've used granier pure 3 in 1 to clean my face first. maybe do a little 1 minute mask with it would help? good luck anyway ^^ xx.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up! i've used them only for certain parts now... ^_^

Unknown said...

Can try bb cream tea tree body shop suitable for oily skin. Work on my face 😍


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