Sunday, July 15, 2012

Product Review: Talika Skin Retouch

As promised I have tried out the Skin Retouch by Talika. The product promises to give me perfect skin in a flash. Is it true?

Talika Skin Retouch is made in France, a place that I want to visit. 

Talika Skin Retouch is specially designed for face, hands and neck. 
It promises to deliver the following: 
1. instantly erases fine lines and wrinkles
2. instantly evens out skin tone by hiding shadows
3. gives your skin smoothing and matifying effect
4. in 28 days: anti-aging and whitening effect

2 things that you must remember when using Talika Skin Retouch:
a. This product is a skin primer to be applied after your skincare and sunblock. Thereafter, no liquid product can be applied. For those who love to use liquid foundation, this is not for you.
b. Apply the product using the applicator, do not use your fingers.

It is suitable for face, hands and neck.

Before - skin without makeup, only moisturiser and sunblock

My skin is the oily type with open pores and deep scarring from acne. Therefore, there are redness and patches. After using my skincare and sunblock, I smoothen a layer of Talika Skin Retouch using the applicator. The application was easy with some practice. The product dries very fast and almost immediately I had better looking skin. The redness and the oily shine are gone. My skin although far from "perfect" (as promised by the product) looks matte and calm as shown below.

Immediately after application of Talika Skin Retouch - no makeup or photoshop
My joy was short-lived because after 1 hour, my skin started to look shinny and the red patches returned again as shown in the following picture.

After 1 hour of application - skin turned oily and shinny

Therefore, I conclude that Talika Skin Retouch is not designed for oily skin although it claimed that the retouching effect can last "all day long". If you have oily skin and wish to try this product, I recommend that you use some loose powder to prevent your skin from looking shinny easily. You may need to use a facial blotter to blot out the oil from time to time to keep the matte look. 

Nevertheless, this is an innovative product from Talika. I hope they will create a new formula for oily skin.

Retailing at RM162 for 30ml.

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tiffanyfung said...

it's a pity that the result is short-lived.
anyway, thanks for your review!


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