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NU Skin ageLOC Galvanic Spa II

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II at Pullman Hotel.

My first encounter with Nu Skin was many years ago where I tried the cleansing gel and face gel. I was quite happy with the products. As you know I love to try new products so I changed products from time to time.

In that session, the product trainer guided us to do a hands-on on our face. In my opinion, the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II (will be referred as the "device") is quite easy to handle. I believe that it will benefit our skin and facial contour with regular use (2-3 times a week). 

The pre-treat gel

Follow the steps prescribed by Nu Skin

How to use the device?
1. The face must be clean and dry
2. A Pre-treatment gel is to be applied to half of the face (2 mins)
3. The fingers must be wet before holding the device
4. To set the device to the correct mode and follow the motion prescribed by Nu Skin
5. After the pre-treatment is completed for the whole face, to wipe away the gel and apply the Treatment Gel.
6. Set the device to the correct mode and continue for 3 minutes (for half face. Continue for another side of the face.
7. After the teratment, to apply your usual skin care

During the pre-treat cycle, the device and the pre-treat gel are negatively charged. These negative charges repel each other and the gel binds the impurities in the skin. This will clean the skin from impurities and prepare the skin for the treatment.

During the treatment cycle, the device and the treatment gel are positively charged. Hence, the beneficial ingredients can penetrate the skin effectively.

The device comes with 4 different heads which I think is a brilliant idea. The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II is able to be used for:
1. Firming the face
2. Correcting fine lines
3. Shaping the body
4. Stimulating hair growth

There are different types of gel for different purposes.

Here are the price list:
1.       ageLOC Galvanic Spa Face Pack                                  – RM1375
Package contain:
-          ageLOC Galvanic Spa (4 Conductor)
-          ageLOC Galvanic Spa Facial Gels x 2 packs
-          ageLOC Galvanic Spa Usage Card
-          ageLOC Galvanic Spa Face & Body Demo DVD
-          ageLOC Galvanic Spa Sponsoring Flyer
-          ageLOC Transformation Set Brochure
-          ageLOC Science In Review Brochure

2.       ageLOC Transformation Pack
-          ageLOC Gentle Clense and Tone 60ml                 – RM203
-          ageLOC Future Serum 30ml                                  – RM827
-          ageLOC Radiant Day SPF 22 25ml                       – RM319
-          ageLOC Transforming Night 30ml                         – RM374

3.       Nutriol Shampoo 125ml                                               – RM222
4.       Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment 12x7ml                        – RM400

5.       Tru Face Line Corrector 30ml                                      – RM301

6.       ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa Pack                              – RM1375
-          ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa
-          ageLOC Body Shaping Gel
-          ageLOC Dermatic Effects
-          ageLOC Galvanic Face & Body Spa Brochure
-          ageLOC Science In Review Brochure
-          ageLOC Galvanic Spa Usage Card
-          ageLOC Galvanic Face & Body Demo DVD

To replenish the gel, these are the information that you may be interested:
1.       ageLOC Galvanic Spa Facial Gels 4 x 4 ml each                                 - RM215
2.       ageLOC Galvanic Spa Facial Gels 8 x 4 ml each (Twin Pack)             - RM416

A pack of Facial Gels contain 4 tubes of Pre-Treatment Gel and 4 tubes of Treatment Gels, hence a pack of ageLOC Galvanic Spa Facial Gels can be used for 4 Spa sessions. While the twin pack can be used for 8 sessions. So each session is about RM50 which is quite reasonable. 

I am quite interested in this device but I am not sure if I can use it diligently. Actually, I think most people face the same dilemma. If you are a diligent person, I would encourage you to get one.

Note: All prices are correct as at May 2014.

Nu Skin’s ageLOC® Galvanic Spa System II is available at Nu Skin Distributor Centers and Walk-In Centers. For more information, please log onto

Thanks for visiting me. Do share if you have any experience using this device.

Have a lovely day!

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