Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hada Labo Air BB Cream - Launch

Dear Friends

Would like to update you on the latest BB Cream by Hada Labo. It is called Air BB Cream. Sounds like Nike Air. Gives me the impression that it is light. Have you tried it yet?

Personally, I am not a fan of BB Cream. My daily makeup routine is just loose powder. I don't like coverage even though I don't have perfect skin. I have tried some BB Creams but so far I only found one that I like. Maybe Hada Labo Air BB Cream can make it to my list. Honestly, I have not tried it yet but from the product texture I can tell that it is light and not oily. So, there is hope that it will make it to my favourite list.

I shall update you after I try it. (here is my review link, do read!)

Back to the product launch. It was held at Acme Bar, Jalan Binjai (The Troika). I took a train to Ampang Park. The location is very near so I had no problem finding the place.

40g - RM55.90

The 10 benefits of Hada labo Air BB Cream

with other Lovely bloggers

With the lovely Sharon

Met some new friends - Uni and Jess Ngo

Elaine Choo (Senior Product Manager) expaining to us the benefits of Hada Labo Air BB Cream.
Although Hada Labo Air BB Cream contains several types of silicon but according to Elaine Choo, the molecule of the silicon is bigger than our pores. Therefore, it will not enter the pores, it will only stay on the skin surface. Thus, no worry about clogged pores.

Monica Lee (professioanl makeup artist) demonstrating the correct techniques to apply Hada labo Air BB cream.
The Application Technique (by Monica Lee)
1. Dabbing method - to achieve the concentration of the pigment at areas that require more coverage such as acne spots, freckles etc.
2. Rubbing method (like applying moisturiser) - This method will spread the pigment evenly on your face but may not give enough covergae fir spots/freckles.

So, Monica recommends to combine both methods to achieve near flawless skin. This Hada Labo Air BB Cream allows layering. The key is to apply very little product on each layer to achieve an almost flawless. It is recommended to apply with foundation brush for more even application.

The colours are not like the typical BB Cream that may have a greyish tint. The colours are very wearable. Suitable for Asian skin tone.

Bloggers getting more tips from Monica Lee and Elaine Choo
The extra sensitive range that I have not tried before.

Have you tried this BB cream before? It is available at all leading pharmacies now.

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Aida Jelita said...

dont even know about hada labo air bb cream. this is my first time. and i think this bb cream still unavailable in the drugstore. if they have i would like to give it a try


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