Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kate Make Up Base

Hi everyone,

Today I will introduce Kate Make Up Base to you. I bought this product last year and have been using it for a while but stopped using it recently because my Lancome UV Expert Neuroshield  contains makeup base. Kate Makeup Base contains SPF 29 PA ++. It is made in Japan by Kanebo.

When I use this product, I notice that blackheads and whiteheads on my face is reduced significantly. This is noticed by my facial therapist. So, I would recommend it to those who are concern with blackhead/whitehead problems. This product is available at  Watson pharmacy and SASA outlets.

After application

Ingredients: unavailable

Texture: smooth
Rating : 3.5/5
Do I recommend this product: Yes
Price:RM38 for 25g

Have you tried this makeup base before? What is your favorite product at the moment?

Thanks for sharing.

With lots of ♥ from ♥Lavender♥


Sherry Go Sharing said...

nice :) don hav this brand.

currently having is revlon, and anna sui which purchase last yr.

SilhouetteScreams said...

I've never tried any Kate products, but whitehead reduction sounds goooooood

ciawei said...


Really? This product can reduce blackheads/whiteheads? So is it good in oil control? and won't clog pores? I've tried other brand sunblock with high spf which clog pores.

But the IDI-italy one not bad..:)

Ting Jin said...

I had tried before the BB Cream (Vivid Blemish Balm). The brand is 'Bahel' ( from Korea too. My skin isn't suitable using it as its too dry. Maybe those oily skin ladies can try it. The salon told me this product in Korea is provided to those patients who do the plastic surgery and skin burned. I know we can't use too high SPF, especially SPF42. Maximum SPF30 is enough. Otherwise, our skin will turn up very oily and pores will be blocked seriously.

Lavender said...

Cia Wei

I cannot prove it 100% that it can reduce blackhead/whitehead. But this is based on my experience using the product. different people may react diferrently to this product.

Tin Jin

Thanks for sharing

Silhoulette screams & Sherry

Thanks for sharing too.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

hi lavender hope You can take part in my next giveaway find out how below :D


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