Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Revlon Colorstay Makeup with Softflex SPF6 (Combination/Oily Skin)

Some of you may know that I have extremely oily skin. My whole face will become oily after 2 hours of cleansing. Therefore, finding the suitable liquid foundation is a real challenge. I have not been buying liquid foundation for ages (probably 15 years or more). What I have in my collection now are all samples. I have tested Clinique Superfit foundation and Estee Lauder Double Wear which I will write the review in due time.

Meanwhile, let me share with you this drugstore brand liquid foundation i.e. Revlon Colorstay Makeup wth Softflex SPF6 (Combination/Oily Skin) that I finally decided to purchase after reading about it in the internet (did some google search and read some testimonies, both good and bad). I also asked a few fellow bloggers who are kind enough to share their opinions about this product.

My Report (after using this foundation for 3 consecutive days):

I am glad to report to you that this foundation is the right purchase. Although it did not give me oil free face for the whole day, at least it can control oil to a certain extent. 
It does not clog pores, no pimples for me.
For those with combination skin, I think it will suit you very well.

My color is No 200 Nude. When applied on my face, it matches very well with my skin tone. The foundation also does not cake after 8 hours of application.

What the product promises: 
All day comfort
Oil free shine control
natural, flawless look


I also did a mini testing here. I put some foundation on a blotting paper and leave them for 6 hours to check whether there is any oil residue. I have done a similar test on BB cream and will report to in my later post.

It is almost oil free. You can only see slight oil trace on the paper. This is really good news to me as I really hate oily foundation.

My Rating for Revlon Colorstay Makeup with Softflex:

Rating for Scent:3/5 (It has medicine smell but after you apply, the smell turns into something like baby powder smell)

Rating for Product Texture:4/5 (Easy to apply but you have to be quick, need to work area by area, do not use the 5 dots method)

Rating for Product Packaging: 2/5 (the bottle does not come with a pump which I think is rather old fashioned and unhygenic. I transferred a small amount of the product into a tiny bottle so that I do not contaminate the big bottle)

Rating for Product Effectiveness/Coverage: 3/5 (I apply very little product, so the coverage is just sheer natural) 

Price: RM53 for 30ml
Will I recommend this product to you: Yes

Dear Readers,
I would like to know your skin type and which brand of liquid or 2-way foundation that you use regularly? This is for my knowledge and the benefit of fellow bloggers/readers. Please leave your comments.

Thanks for sharing.



Kasia said...

Awesome review! It's my favorite foundation.

Unknown said...

ohh i hv really oily face too !! ><
thanks for sharing ... do u hv special brand for oily face for night cream ?

AskMeWhats said...

I don't get it when liquid foundations do not come in pumps! I have heard great things about this but I did not purchase because this caters on oily skinned! :) thanks for the review

SilhouetteScreams said...

Good to hear that it worked for your oily skin, I'll have to try it out now :) I have acne and hella oily skin, so hopefully I can find a decent shade match and it'll work for me.

Sherry said...

I have revlon but not the latest one.

Sue said...

I got the same color as yours!! =D but too bad it seems like a little too yellow+orangey on me. -_-

btw, I've tried RMK liquid foundation before and it feels nice on the skin (a little less thick than Revlons!). I used to use Chanel Mat Lumiere 2 way before and it works great for oily skin too! Also, if you like those loose powder type, why not try MAC's loose mineral foundation? Quite nice also! =)

Lavender said...

I'm glad u like it too. Do u have oily skin too?

Silhouette screams
Do give it a try. Who knows u may like it.

I replied u in your blog dear.

Do u like your revlon?

Ya I agree that the packaging is not good. My rating is 2/5 for packaging

thanks for the suggestion. Will try out in future. This will last me for ages as I do not use daily.

Witoxicity said...

I have oily skin too but now with dryness all around with this season, it's controllable. If I use foundations, it would be from Jane Iredale. :)

Anonymous said...

very nice review! I have combination-sensitive- very oily skin. I'm using Revlon colorstay mineral mousse and I'm not satisfied, but I still use it wahaha, your review made me decide to give this baby a try,,,thank you so much=D *hugs*

Diaz said...

I have a really Oily skin myself, but after so many good reviews on this stuff I think I'm gonna give it a try sis.. I haven't purchasing 'til this time because I think my face will breakout, I'm acne prone skin also, so I have to choose carefully what Im gonna put in my face.
Thanks for sharing sis.. I think I will try this.. :)


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