Friday, December 18, 2009

Roselle Flower


Today I am sharing with you my Roselle plant in my garden. This flower can be eaten raw or cooked. It can be cooked in a crock pot for 3 - 4 hrs together with some rock sugar. You will get Roselle syrup. Chill the syrup and store in the fridge. You can consume like Ribena - very natural and refreshing drink.

I also make fruit enzyme from this Roselle flower. The bad news is the plant is attacked by some parasites lately and looked as though it is dying. I planted it more than 6 months ago and it just started to bear flower but unfortunately it is dying now. I believe that students earning an online biology degree would be able to advise me on how to take care of my Roselle plant so that it would not be easily attacked by parasites.

The picture below was taken 3 weeks ago when the plant is still healthy. I need to plant a new one soon.


The plant is quite bushy, the leaves can be eaten. The night market at Taman Tun sells the leaves of Roselle plant. I inquire from an Indian lady and she explained that it can be stir fried with garlic and chili. I have not tried cooking the leaves before.


New Flowers


Dried Roselle from Cameron Highlands

Have you tried Roselle drink or dried Roselle before, do u like it? Please share with me. Thanks.


Sherry said...

umm.. I buy and eat dried one.. like snacks :)

lavender said...

yes, i also like the dried ones

Jessying said...

yes yes I love this drink, they serve this drink in hotel in bangkok and pattaya !

p/s: cant be able to find nail art pens thingy.

Witoxicity said...

Oh, this is so interesting! I don't know.....maybe I have tried a Roselle drink once before.

Lavender said...

Ya this is an interesting flower, good for health!

Anonymous said...

My Rossele plant also start bearing flower after 6 month

Rin said...

madam, as i searching for pictures of roselle, i found yours has attracted my attention. i love to share one of your roselle pictures in my tutorial. i hope you're okay with this. Many thanks from me : )

Glena Dee said...

You may have over watered your plant. This plant does not like wet feet. You water only once or twice a week and it also needs soil that absorbs the water quite easily. You probably have a root rot problem.

Martinha said...

The leaves can be used to make a very common dish we make in North Brazil (the Brazilians natives call it: Cuxa rice. As I always say: If the fruits are good the leaves also. The nature give as everything!


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