Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Evening Lavender 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

Dear Readers

Thank you for your constant support. 

Evening Lavender has turned 2 in Sept 2011! Time really flies and I thank God that He has seen me through the thick and thin of my life. 

This blog has kept me sane during the storm of my life and the many lovely bloggers that I came to know through blogging and beauty workshops has indeed enriched my life. As an appreciation for your constant support, I am holding a mini giveaway for all my lovely readers.

This giveaway is opened to everyone including international readers as long as you have a valid postal address. 

The Closing Date is 26 Nov 2011 at 9am Malaysian time.

The goodies are shown in the pictures below. Mystery gifts may be added depending on number of entries received.

All items are New except the 2 eye shadow palettes, the palletes have been swatched once for review purpose.

Closed up pictures

The eye shadow has been swatched once

Shiseido lip color sample - New

Some simple rules:

1. State your follower ID. (If you are not a follower yet, just click the "follow" button on the right hand side of this blog and follow the instructions)

2. state your email address and which country you are from.

3. Tell me which is your favourite post and why? (This is Optional: but I would really love to hear from you)

4. For one additional entry, you may copy the first picture and do a post in your blog and come back and give me the link.

5. For another additional entry, you can share this post in Facebook and give me the link.

6. One winner will be chosen using 

7. The winner will be contacted via email by 30 Nov 2011 and if there is no reply within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen. 

Good Luck.



Azslyn said...

Azslyn Cole

Floral nail art design is my favorite post because it taught me something new and it's very pretty.

Sherry said...

Sherry from Malaysia
GFC: Sherrygo
email: sherrygo at hotmail dot com

I like Valentines Day Nail Art Design LAV 007, I like nail polish but never good at art. I like this Valentines Day art very pretty.

Sherry said...


Unknown said...

GFC: Jozefin
Country: Malaysia

I like the post where you shared your experience at CRES Wellness. I was looking up reviews and stumbled upon your blog. ^^

breakingrumours said...

gfc: breakingrumours

email :

I would love to comment on my fav post but to be honest,I'm a new follower. Was directed from MYS :D So I hope to read more before I actually find a favorite.


Missy B said...

hi lavender,

i haven't seen my comment? is it not gonna be approved?

lavender said...

Hi Solitaire

I did not see your comment, pls try again. Thanks.

Lilian said...

LiLian from Malaysia
Follower ID: Lilian
Fav post: Product Review: Origins Dr Andrew Weil's Plantidote Mega Mushroom Range
Why? because I have used this range before and you give constructive and honest comments!

Posted in FB wall,

Blog post at

Fingers crossed!

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Happy Birthday Evening Lavendar!

My follower ID: Rane chin

I like your nail art posts because you really put effort to make those pretty nail art. :)

Blog post link:

FB link:

Joanne Cheah said...

GFC: TGIF Malaysia
country: Malaysia
fav blog post: French Manicure with flower (LAV 008) because I've never mastered french manicure before! :D
blog post:
fb post:

Louella said...

GFC: Louella
country: Malaysia
fav blog post:Product Review: Skin Food and Etude House Sheet Mask because I've always wanted to try out these products!
blog post:
fb post:

mimie zalikha said...

i'm mimie from malaysia

follower ID : mimie

my favorite post is shiseido lip color because it will make me outstanding than other people

Hearts said...

ID follower: Aida
country malaysia

love comments on ORIGINS

Missy B said...

ID: Solitaire from M'sia

Bought Etude house sheet mask following your review, i do have difficulty finding mask that fits my face. This one is good!

lavender said...

Hi Solitaire

What is your email add?

Missy B said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
milktea said...

follower id: milktea
email addr: on request ;-)
from: malaysia

ehh...giveaway close oredi ah? aww.. i like the Bencoolen series of posts. I've been intrigued by them products for a while now but no one's ever done a review. :-)

Missy B said...

hi lavender,

since the contest has ended, will you kindly remove my email address? thanks


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