Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day Nail Art Design LAV 007

Today I would like to share with you Valentine's Day nail art design.It's a combination of konad stamping with hand drawn nail art. I selected a soft pink nail color to bring out the theme of "tender and sweet love".

Right Hand (notice the first and last nail - I use konad stamping)

    Right Hand
    Right Hand

    Left Hand has butterfly motive (spot my broken nail...sob..sob..)

    Both hands - every nail has different design

    The items used are shown below:

    Sequence of Application:
    1. Base coat
    2. Nail color (2x)
    3. draw design with nail art pen/brush
    4. put konad stamping
    5. Top coat
    6. Color used: Silky Girl (no 04 Rose Breath)
    For more nail art designs, pls click here.

    How do u like this Valentine's design?
    Thanks for visiting.



    Witoxicity said...

    Very sweet and nice design!! You know how I love the cute little flowers that you always draw. :)

    + S T A R + said...

    lovely design =)

    jo.frougal said...

    Ooooohhhh that's so, so nice! And after always failing at making these cute flowers with toothpicks, I know that's hard to do. Awesome skillz, there!

    Lilian said...

    wow... the love and flower is very very lovely...

    SilhouetteScreams said...

    This is so delicate looking and cute :3 I love how you combined the konad stamping with freehand nail art.

    Lavender said...

    Thanks for loving those little cute flowers, I love them too.

    Girl with Glasses
    Thanks dear

    Try using nail art pen instead. It will be easier

    Lilian & Silhoutte screams
    thanks for loving this design

    Cynthia Z said...

    Very pretty...love the he♥rts

    Sherry Go Sharing said...

    so pretty I still dont know how to do it

    Tammy said...

    i like your effort on the flowers! it's not easy i know!!!

    Lavender said...

    Yes, those hearts are konad stamping

    Practice is what we need

    Actually, flower is the easiest to paint. Abstract art like the tiger stripe is more challenging especially using the left hand.

    Anonymous said...

    Very pretty:)bacio from Italy...

    Lavender said...

    Thanks Alimc Nail Design!


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