Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nail Art: Lav 027 Newspaper Print Nail Art

Hi people!

I hope you had a fruitful weekend. Today, I'll be sharing with you a newspaper nail art that I have attempted a while ago. It was not very successful as I do not have rubbing alcohol - the main ingredient. I replaced it with apple cider vinegar instead. As a result I not only transferred the newsprint onto my nails, the newspaper fibre was transferred along. Therefore, my newspaper nail art is a bit messy. Anyway, as it was my first attempt, I think it can be considered as fair.

If you are interested to try, here are the steps:

1. paint base coat
2. paint color coat 2x (choose a greyish off-white color)
3. when the color is dry, soak your nail into the rubbing alcohol for a few seconds
4. take a small piece of newspaper and press on your nail. gently remove the newspaper after 30 to 40 seconds
5. paint top coat

Have fun trying and report to me if you have tried this before.



Unknown said...

Love this inexpensive piece of art. Will try and let you know the result

reyah said...

nail art from newspaper...this is great!

Lavender said...

Hi Elle
Do try and show me

Lavender said...

Thanks Reyah!

TGIF Malaysia said...

I used plain water and it works! Just have to push harder to transfer all the ink. But then when I use top coat, the ink dissolves or smudges :(

Lavender said...


Oh plain water also can? Too bad it smudges. I guess must find the rubbing alcohol. thanks for sharing


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