Friday, June 29, 2012

Male Waxing, Is It Now The Norm?

Hi My Beauty Buddies, 

Do you think that male waxing has become the norm today? I am not too sure but according to recent surveys,  more and more modern men have found a number of benefits to waxing. Male waxing allows men to remove unsightly and embarrassing body hair without the disadvantages that are associated with other hair removal techniques, such as shaving.

There are a number of reasons why waxing has become the norm for men. One reason is because spouses frequently prefer men without hair. However, instead of shaving, which can lead to prickly body hair and unsightly bumps, men have begun to utilize waxing services because it provides longer results, rarely results in bumps, and the hair grows back thinner, rather than darker and sharper. 

Vanity is another reason that men are seeking waxing services. Whether going to the gym or taking a jog around the neighbourhood, no man wants to bear their chest when it is covered with hair. A hairless chest also makes it easier to show off a great physique instead of hiding it behind a mass of hair.

Some men find waxing convenient because it can help them to sweat less. Having a chest or back covered in hair can actually make a person sweat more, which can be both unattractive and inconvenient. By removing unwanted hair, the body is less likely to overheat when working out or going about everyday activities. The male body already produces more sweat than the average woman, so excessive hair can only exacerbate the issue. Hair also holds onto smells, which can be unhygienic.

Waxing is also convenient for swimmers who are looking to increase their speed and improve their performance. However, waxing is also convenient for those who simply want to enjoy a leisurely swim at the local pool or at the beach. Not only does a hairless body feel better in the water, but it looks better as well!

The stereotypes revolving around waxing are quickly breaking down. It is no longer exclusively for us women but is quickly becoming the norm for men as well. Whether doing it for themselves or doing it for the benefit of their significant other, men are quickly realizing the benefits to hair waxing. 

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