Saturday, May 10, 2014

Avon launches AVON Instinct

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Recently, I attended the launch of Avon Instinct at Borneo Rainforest Cafe.
It was an interesting event graced by Avon's Fragrance Ambassador, Scha Al-Yahya.

Representing Avon Instinct is the iconic beauty with a smoldering presence on and off screen, Megan Fox whom is a perfect fit for the intensely exotic new scents – lush, fruity floral. Avon Instinct is an ode to the kind of sensuality that Fox embodies.


Some of the pictures of the launch event:


Avon is one of the world's leading fragrance marketers and has a long history of producing celebrity fragrances. Avon Instinct Eau de Parfum captures the wild sensuality of the moment when inhibitions disappear and the senses take over. This seductive fragrance unleashes primal instincts, empowering you to embrace the powerful force of desire. Like the thrill of a chance encounter, the scents capture the intoxicating experience of undeniable chemistry.

Why I like Avon Instinct
I like the woody base note that makes me feel sexy. The bottle is very feminine too.

 50 ml for RM99.00

Avon Instinct EDP consists of fascinating blend and layers of exotic aromatic:

Sparkling Greens: A modern lush freshness which transports you to a secret garden where your senses are gently touched by dew drops and sunshine.
Camellia ScentTrekTM: One of Givaudan’s exclusive ScentTrekTM ingredients, an intoxicating aroma surrounds you as layered petals unfold to reveal a seductive and alluring scent, evoking carnal feelings of temptation and desire.
Sensual Sandalwood: Exudes a creamy, exotic woody sensation, giving Instinct a distinct signature. Sensuous and skin-soft, sandalwood has a comforting effect, leaving you wrapped in rich sensuality.

I am happy that I got a polaroid picture from the event! 

To tru out thye scent of Avon Instinct, contact any Avon Representative or visit the nearest Avon Beauty Boutique nationwide. 

For inquiries, call the AVON Toll-Free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866), visit Avon Facebook page at or log on to

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