Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo


I have been using Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo for 4 weeks now and find that it reduces hair fall. Therefore, I am introducing it to you if you have similar concern.

Product details: (extracted from

Purified water, organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice(1), sodium cocoyl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium cocoyl sarcosinate, vegetable glycerin, serenoa serrulata (saw palmetto) fruit extract, panthenol (pro-vitamin B-5), biotin, thiamine, pyridoxine, niacin, riboflavin, polyquaternium-10, wheat protein, soy protein, citric acid, soyamidopropalkonium chloride, jojoba oil, organic helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil(2), sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, ethylhexylglycerin, organic rosamarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil(2) and other essential oils.

Signature ingredient: Made with a healing complex of B vitamins - biotin, niacin and panthenol - to nourish the hair and scalp for added body and shine, increased scalp circulation and stimulation of hair follicles.

Product description: Specifically designed to to help restore thinning hair, this thickening shampoo is fortified with an elixir of biotin, saw palmetto and wheat protein to help control hair loss. It will help strengthen hair strands and boost body and volume for a healthy scalp and thicker, fuller looking hair.

Features and benefits: This thickening shampoo is formulated with nourishing aloe and jojoba, stimulating rosemary, saw palmetto and smoothing, strengthening wheat protein.

Who should use this product? For fine, lifeless or thinning hair.

Directions for use: Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse. Gentle enough for daily use. Best if used in conjunction with Biotin B-Complex Thickening Conditioner.

What I like about this product : gentle for every day use, no artificial colors, no synthetic fragrance or parabens, No animal testing

Rating for Texture:4/5
Rating for Packaging: 3.5/5
Scent: pleasant essential oil fragrant
Overall Product Rating : 4.5/5
Will I repurchase: Yes
Price: RM41.50 for 400ml

Where to purchase: 
For Malaysian readers, you can purchase from BMS Organics located at One Utama new wing (LG 310 - next to Cold Storage).

This product is made in USA. pls visit for more details

Have you tried this shampoo before? What is your favorite shampoo at the moment?

Thanks for sharing.



Unknown said...

Wow... Great to know it also works on you! ^.^

Witoxicity said...

You seem to have quite a number of products from Avalon Organics. I like the description of this shampoo. It's great that it's gentle and yet effective. I pretty much use regular drugstore shampoos, nothing special. :)

Lavender said...

Hi Chelle

Yes, I hope that this will be my Holy Grail (HG) Shampoo.

Hi Witoxicity
Yes, i got a few more products from Avalon that I will be featuring in the coming weeks.

Sherry said...

hhee.. about shampoo I also try out but not this brand I used avon.

need help in

tell me what u think

Unknown said...

hi, do u know where i can buy this shampoo?

do u have any idea if BMS organic still sell them?


Lavender said...

You can purchase from BMS Organics located at One Utama new wing (LG 310 - next to Cold Storage)or SS2 outlet.
Yes, i am sure that BMS Organics are still selling this shampoo.

Unknown said...


Recently, i found out that I'm having hair loss problem especially during shower time. May i know how much does this shampoo sell in BMS Organics?

Lavender said...


it is RM41.50 (as stated in my review post)

Anonymous said...

is it suitable for oily scalp?

Lavender said...

yes very suitable for oily scalp. I have very oily scalp.

Fion Lim said...

May i know except One Utama, is there any place i can get this shampoo?I saw it is sold at this website but the price is expensive as compared to you bought at OneU.

Lavender said...

They sell it at SS2 PJ same block as Kayu nasi Kandar

Unknown said...

hie frnds is dis product avail. in india???
if so .......
avail in chennai??
nd can u pls say its price??

Lavender said...

Sorry i am not sure if this product is sold in India. Maybe u can check with India bloggers.

Unknown said...

Hi Lavender, i am Chloe Tan. 1st i would like to say thanks for your sharing, make me felt so happy to know Avalon is available at Malaysia.. But i am from Kuantan, Pahang, so I'm wondering that, do you have their contact number (BMS Organic)? I've heard Avalon Lavender Nourishing Shampoo long time ago. Since i am not stay at KL, so i would like to make them a call before i go.

Thanks in Advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lavender, i'm interested to try on this Shampoo. Do u help buy and ship? Because i don't have BMS located at my hometown? i will very appreciate if you can help on courier/post it to me, of cox i will arrange payment for you 1st.

lavender said...

Hi Chloe

Avalon Organics tel no is 03-77250828 (One Utama)

Lavender said...

Hi Anonymous

I can help you buy and courier to you but I will charge RM10 (for transport and parking). Courier fees you have to pay also. For your info the shampoo price went up , now is RM55 per bottle but I can get 10% discount as I have member card. If your are interested pls leave your contact no or email.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your helpful, Lavender..
I have do re-search at Avalon website, i would like to order Avalon Nourishing Shampoo, if they got a 950ml size, do you think BMS organics got take this stock from Avalon?

my email is @ 016-934 0977 (Chloe Tan)

Lígia said...

Hi, Avalon Organics is a very good brand, I love all their products! I always buy this shampoo at It’s only $ 6.44, much cheaper than other stores, and the shipping is very fast. You can use my coupon code NAK992 to get $ 5 off + free shipping for orders over $ 40 + free samples.

Anonymous said...

hi lavender,
i stay in kelantan.can i ask u to buy for me the avalon shampoo?i ll bank in the money can i contact u?can u give ur email?

Lavender said...

Hi Anonymous

My email is

I need to charge you transport fee RM10 and courier fees(not sure how much). But I can get 10% discount for the shampoo.

you can also call them direct to buy from them, if not mistaken they can send to you. It will be cheaper maybe.
Tel 03-77250828.

Anonymous said...

hi lavender, send u an email.

aLong said...

i bought this shampoo from BMS Organics located at One Utama new wing (LG 310 - next to Cold Storage) and the price is rm55.

lavender said...

Yes, it is RM55 now. Feb 9 2011 - I put in the comments already.

Lydia said...

Hi, recently I've started experiencing quite a lot of hairfall when I shampoo and I've seen this brand being recommended a few times already. Unfortunately I live in Kuantan and I don't think they sell it around here. So like the people above me, if you could I'd appreciate if you could but it for me. I'll deposit payment for the shampoo and the courier charge into your account.

My e-mail is:

I also wanted to ask if you know if it's okay to use to shampoo if you have dandruff problem and is using a dandruff shampoo (Selsun Blue)?

Also how much does the thickening conditioner cost?

I'd be really greatful. This hairfall is really worrying me.

lavender said...

Hi Lydia

I replied you. pls check your email.

Sha said...

Hi, I just bought this shampoo from iherb, I live in Spain and they dont sell it here. I also bought the scalp treatment one but I have some doubts...
I've read that it smells good, that its hard to apply because it doesnt make any bubbles as a regular shampoo, but Ive noticed a really strong smell, like some home cleaning product, it does makes bubbles. Whats bugging me most is that the scalp treatment one smells just the same and it has the same texture and consistency, like a gel. Is that normal?
Thanks a lot!

Lavender said...

Hi Sha

I have not tried the scalp treatment. So I cannot comment. As for the shampoo I am not disturbed about the smell. It does not remind me of home cleaning agent. It has less bubbles than normal shampoo. maybe you should write to Avalon Organics to give them your feedback.

Rachel said...

Hi Lavender, I would like to buy the shampoo too as I've experiencing hair loss and itchy scalp. I dont know which shampoo to choose: tea tree mint or biotin. Please help me in choosing it. I went to BMS and it seems like they stopped selling Avalon products. Can I buy it at any other place? Thank you so much!

Rachel said...

Hi! I just found out that BMS stopped selling Avalon products. Is there any other place where I can buy Avalon products? Not just shampoo but their skin care products too. Thanks!

lavender said...

Hi Rachel

Yes, BMS no longer sell this shampoo or skincare range. You can order online.

Mr G said...

Is the any trusted link or website i can obtain this shampoo online? thx =)

Mr G said...

is there any trusted website or link that you can provide for getting this shampoo...? i am from malaysia

lavender said...

Hi George

I haven't tried any online site but if you can find it at it should be ok. I saw it in Spore pharmacy, if you have friends to help you.

hanny said...

Hi George! This shampoo is available in Seremban. Check it out -0)

Unknown said...

Great post all natural products are best. Natural organic shampoo is the best for your hair.
organic shampoo for hair loss

lawtl said...

it is help to grow hair also?? since one utama BMS stopped selling, how bout the SS2 outlet, where is place of it??
please recommand, i have a hair loss problem, just want to control and grow hair. Thank you

lavender said...

Hi lawtl

I think they have stopped selling this brand. They are now selling another brand. You can try that also.

Unknown said...

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