Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Product Review: Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++ is my Holy Grail Sunblock

If you read my blog frequent enough, you would know that I have very oily skin and am very afraid to put any stuff that are oil based or have shinny texture.

I am on a continuous search for sunblocks that are good for oily skin and friendly to the pockets.
And I am pleased to announce to you that I have found one and I am using the 2nd bottle now. Sorry for not sharing earlier. As the saying goes, save the best for last.

If you are curious on what are my other sunblock which I have reviewed earlier, you could read it just for your knowledge.

This Biore sunblock with SPF50 PA+++ has been my daily sunblock for the past few months and I would urge you to try it out. A beauty blogger shared this with me when I wrote a review on another sunblock. Thank you my dear.

Let's see the product.

Why I love this product?
1. It has a runny texture
2. It leaves a matte finish on my face
3. My face stays matte for more than 4 hrs without blotting even on a hot sunny day
4. It doubles as a primer, so you can save on face primer
5. The active Ingredient is Zinc Oxide - this is a true blue sunblock (not a sunscreen)

Although this product has some alcohol smell when you apply, the smell goes away in a few seconds. 

NOTE: I am not able to comment on whether this product is suitable for dry skin. 

My rating for this Product is 5/5.
The price is RM24.90 for 30ml. Very affordable indeed. 

I bought mine from Caring Pharmacy but I have seen this product in some hypermarkets as well.
I always have the misconception that cheaper products are not as good as expensive ones. 
Well, Biore Sunblock has proved me wrong and I am glad.

Has anyone tried this? Please share your views.

Update - 1st May 2013
I am still using this sunblock. It's my 5th or 6th bottles , I lost count. that's how good the product is. I seldom repeat my purchase.

Have a lovely day!


Witoxicity said...

You've found your HG sunblock! Hurray! For that price, it sounds like a really good buy for such a great sunblock. :)

Kasia said...

Great review dear!!! Love sunblocks!


Sherry said...

I gave this to my dear's sis

Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi Lavender, I was looking for a perfect sunblock, glad you've reviewed this one,I might try this one:)

stellarvixen said...

hi there pauline!
it definitely feels good to be back!

thank you for your CHEER!!

ohhh neat i wanna give biore face spf a try also!! and its soo affordable!

am lurving biore cleansing oil~ functional and i always double cleanse :D

lavender said...

Yes, it is a great product.

Thanks for dropping by

lucky sister

Do try this one. Highly recommended.

You are welcome. Thanks for sharing


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