Friday, July 9, 2010

How To Make Your Own Garbage Enzyme

I have been making this garbage / environmental enzyme since 2 years ago. 

This enzyme has rescued a stray dog with almost no fur to a body full of healthy fur. 
Note: I do not have the picture to show you but the dog is under the good care of my sister-in law's family members.

Dr Rosukon from Thailand is the founder of this garbage enzyme. Why the word garbage? Because we are using fruit skin that we usually throw away, right?
Dr Rosukon has done extensive research on this enzyme for over 30 years.

There are so many uses of this garbage enzyme.

Some of the uses:
1. vege wash (add 30ml to 1 litre of water)
2. fabric softener
3. mopping floor
4. watering plant
5. heal skin diseases (for both human and animal) - There was a newspaper article of a diabetic man with gangrene legs. After soaking his legs daily in this enzyme for several months, he was completely heal of the gangrene, even the doctor was surprise)
6. washing hair / bathing (add to your shampoo/shower gel ratio of 1:1)
7. Natural Air purifier
8. Natural Pesticides
9. Anti bacterial and virus 
10. Prevent drain pipe blocking

1. 5 litres of tap water
2. 1.5 kg of fruit skin (preferably citrus fruits' skin. Try not to use banana or papaya skin because they stink)
3. 0.5kg of brown sugar
Duration: minimum 3 months (garbage enzyme is at its best after 6 months of fermentation. The longer it takes, the better it gets. Garbage enzyme will NEVER expire!)

Keep in a cool dry and well ventilated place. Do not cover the lid tightly. The fermentation process will release O3 which can reduce CO2. By making this enzyme, you are helping to reduce greenhouse and global warming effects.

After 1.5 months

Sieve the liquid after 3 months and keep in a container. Wait for it to settle and sieve again. Repeat this process until you get a clear brown liquid.

Has anyone heard of this garbage enzyme?

Lets go green!



Sherry said...

woot this no idea at all.

Joey said...

thx...i have been looking for the propotion for the brown sugar and water

Shilka said...

oh my, it's sounds so scary when one says "garbage" ;D For the sake of PR this should be re-named to "eco-friendly fruit-peel essence" ;p

Shilka said...

For the sake of PR of this product it should be renamed to "eco-friendly fruit-peel essence" ;D The word "garbage" is such a turn off ;)

Savaş Gönen said...

I am trying to make enzyme first-time. I'm using banana peel to obtain potassium for my plant. About 1 week past and there is no smeel or decaying.

I want to learn if it is a good idea or not that I add some broken chicken bone into to enzyme container to obtain more potassium. said...

nice idea sis. I really want to try this experiment :)


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