Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good Skin Labs Workshop - Sculptinex

Sometime ago, I went to a workshop organized by Good Skin Labs. They are introducing a new product called Sculptinex.

This product is abt RM200 plus. It promises to reshape the face and give you the face lift effect provided you use it religiously. Same goes with any product, right?

I believe that this product can work if you use it daily as instructed. Else, no point buying it.

The product comes with a roller and we have to roll on to our face upward as shown below. The roller is detachable for cleaning which I think is very good.

Some products by Good Skin Labs

The steps on how to use their products

The door gift

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Witoxicity said...

Scultinex sounds like a great invention. Quite pricey, but hey, if it works like it says, that would be great! :)

Sherry said...

oh so fun but the price, pengsan!!

Lavender said...

Yes, its quite a promising product I think.

Yes its quite expensive though. Beauty comes with a price tag, as always.


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