Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life Code Anti-Aging International Bhd


Dear Friends,

Have you heard of Life Code Anti-Aging International Bhd before?

To be honest, I only heard about this company when I read Plusizekitten's blog several days ago.

I am attracted to Life Code Anti-Aging because they have the mission to deliver Safe, Effective, Rapid, Natural products to their customers. Their products range from skin care, cosmetics, to anti- aging cellular supplement.

Life Code Anti-Aging was established with the state of mind “The Key to Life, The Code to Youth”.

Life Code products are exclusively formulated with the global patented, revolutionary technology - BioTRA™.
BioTRA™ technology emphasizes its integrity to perform triple intelligence actions, whereas its terminology of TRA is:

T stands for Target
R stands for Release and
A stands for Active

I was immediately attracted to Life Code Anti-Aging when I read about their BioTRA™ Skin Care Series that can deliver miracles within 3 to 15 mins!

The following are some of their product descriptions:
  • Life Code Deep Refiner Eye Cream
    Wrinkles refined within 15 minutes, rapid effect with skin permeation BioTRA™ AI Technology, immediate result.
  • Life Code Deep Refiner Night Cream
    Through BioTRA™ AI Technology, absords deeply in the skin dermis layers, repairs and revitalizes aging cell tissues, boosts immediate firming and long-lasting rejuvenating effects, improves lifting 20%and above.
  • Life Code Instant Facial Lift Gel
    3 minutes face slimming, sheds 5 degrees with AI technology, creates a beautiful and clearly defined face contour.
If you are a Malaysian blogger and are interested to find out more about Life Code Anti-Aging, please visit Plusizekitten to find out how you can win yourself a chance to experience their service on 16 May 2010 (Sunday) and take home products worth RM250 for you to try out.The closing date is 9 May 2010.



ksc:nick said...

so many beauty products in town, which one is the best :) but this one looks OK! I like all the beauty posts.

Lilian said...

wow. Hope you can win this!

Lavender said...

Glad u like beauty post.

Thanks Lilian!

Miu said...

Congratulations Lavender, pls add me in facebook so I can inform u of anything in this project.

You're one of the selected bloggers to go this sunday! pls confirm back with me if u're going, if not i would open up to those in waiting list.

stellarvixen said...

see you there lavender!
Miu is incredibleeee!! haha

Miu said...

see u girls tomorrow :)

Lavender said...

See u


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