Sunday, November 21, 2010

Product Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow and Lip Gloss

Dear friends

Today I will be reviewing Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow and lip gloss that I received during the recent product launch in Oct 2010. I will be showing you the swatches and also 2 EOTDs (Eye of the Day).

Purple Passion - Satin Finish (has a slight shimmer)

Lavish Mink - Matte finish (This color is super pigmented, you just need to touch it lightly)

Look at the lovely casing. This casing is designed in such a way that even if you accidentally dropped it, the eye shadow will not crack. This was demonstrated to us during the launch.

Left: Lavish Mink - This is a Brownish Black color. The texture is matte and super pigmented / Right: Purple Passion has a satin finish with a very slight glitter

The lip gloss is called Simply Pink Shine No 35
The following are the EOTDs. 
First one, using Purple Passion to create a purplish look (obviously)

Second one, using Lavish Mink to create a brown look

What do I like about Pure Color Gloss?
1. Non sticky
2. Pigmented - can be worn alone without lipstick
3. Hydrating
Price: RM75

What do I like about Pure Color Eye Shadow?
1. Very Pigmented ( The Matte finish is more pigmented than the Satin Finish)
2. Easy to work on i.e. color can be built up, layer by layer
3. the casing is cute
Price: RM70 each
Hope you like my EOTDs. 

Has anyone tried this new range? Do share.



AnnaYJia said...

Both so lovely the color ! and I love the Lavish Mink the most ^^ It looks great on you ^^

Yen said...

Wow nice eyeshadow colors! I love the purple one. Love the lipgloss too! :)))

Lavender said...

Thanks Anna & Yen!

Witoxicity said...

Both eye colours are so beautiful! Nice EOTDs! I love the luxurious packagaing. :)


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