Sunday, November 7, 2010

Product Review: Empro Day and Night Mascara - for Girls on the Go

Dear My Beauty Friends,

The long Deepavali weekend is coming to an end. Still not too late for me to wish all my Hindu readers  a Happy Deepavali!

I trust the rest of you are keeping well. Today, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts about Empro Day & Night Mascara.

If the eye is the window to the soul, then how should we describe a Mascara? Can we call a Mascara the "window frame"? Ha ..ha...just some crazy thoughts.

Anyway, here are the product description obtained from Empro Malaysia

Empro Day and Night Mascara

provides extra Volume, extra Length, Vivid, Curlier Curls, Easy to remove, Water resistant, Clump-free, Smudge-free

Blending natural herbal ingredients with an advanced antioxidant formula, and enriched with vitamin E, the empro mascara nourishes your eyelashes as it creates a more beautiful you. Its velvety texture feels silky soft on even the most sensitive skin around the eyes.

Lengthen + extra curl
Day Use - Liquid mascara can be applied to coast lashes with fine precision and care for a luxuriant and distinctively vivid appearance and readily makes lashes look twice as long.
Volume + extra curl
Night Use - Creates extra volume to give you plush, curly eyelashes for a charming, vivid and alluring effect on your eyes, whatever the occasion.

Specially designed by world-renowned face art professor, Mr. CocoAlex (Assc.Prof.BCAS,UK.)

Empro Day and Night Mascara - 2 in one product , very convenient for girls on the go!

Empro Day Mascara - lengthens and add extra curls

Empro Night Mascara - add volume and extra curls

My bare lashes - Before applying mascara

After applying eyeshadow and Empro Day Mascara - my lashes are more defined and visible!

The Empro Day Mascara separates my lashes well, no clumping even after 3 coats!

What do I like about this product:

1. The fine fibre in the mascara slowly builds the length as you apply.

My Tip: I use the zigzag motion to apply the mascara starting from the tips to the roots of my lashes. You can hold the brush for about 3 seconds to add to the curling effect. I apply about 3 coats (allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat)

2. This mascara does not smudge. This I can testify. As a person with very oily skin, sometimes my mascara smudges after 3 hours of application but this mascara does not. Great for girls with oily skin.

3. No clumping (as you can see in my picture above)

4. Lashes are soft after application. I have tried some mascara that makes my lashes stiff.

5. Lashes stay beautiful for the whole day

6. No fall out from the fibre. This is another plus point. (I hate fallouts)

7. Make my lashes look natural but better

8. Day and Night Mascara in one tube, convenient for those who need to attend night function straight from the office.

My Rating:

Rating for Product Packaging: 4/5
Rating for Product Effectiveness/Coverage: 4/5
Price: RM58.80 for 10ml

What brand of mascara are you using now? Any favourite brand? Do share.

You can also read my review on other Empro products here.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week ahead!

 Note: Products are provided by Empro Malaysia for review purposes


slowbrogal said...

Empro products seems to be very good. Have you tried their pencil liner? I heard is good.


Askmewhats said...

reminded me of the L'Oreal one. do you know that I've never tried the"primer plus mascara" Mascaras? I want to give it a try but worries it could weigh down my lashes

Lavender said...

Hi Cynthia
No, I haven't tried the eyeliner. Apparently it is their best seller.

Hi Nikki
I haven't tried Loreal also.

Witoxicity said...

Three coats and no clumping? That's fantastic! It's very interesting that they have both Day and Night in one. So handy! :)


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