Sunday, February 26, 2012

KOH Nail Polish: All the way from Amsterdam

Hi Lovelies

I am excited to share with you my new nail polish collection from KOH. KOH is a Dutch brand and it is not available in this part of the world and I believe many of you have not heard of KOH before. I was very lucky to win this set of lovely but unconventional colours from a lovely blogger who wrote a lot about KOH

KOH nail polish is made in Holland and it is priced at Euro14.95 for 10ml, which is slightly more expensive than OPI.

I am so happy to add them into my ever growing collection of nail polish. This year I have added 17 new nail polish into my collection. I am very thankful indeed for God's blessing. I have never owned such expensive nail polish before.

KOH nail polish contains Topaz, a gemstone that exudes crystal clear sparkle and ensure long lasting and intense color. It is really pretty. Sorry, I don't have any swatch here.  

Every nail polish comes with an elegant casing with a miniature fan. I thought the tiny fan is super cute.

I have used one of the colours and will be posting it soon. Do come back and see my nail art design using KOH. If you want to know more about KOH, please click here.

Have you heard of KOH before?

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Sherry said...

So cute casing and fan

rins said...

What a sexy bottle for nail polish!

Louella said...

wow, really looking forward to the swatches! Gemstone in polish?! :D


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