Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Barely There Purple EOTD

Hi Readers

Today is a lazy Saturday. Despite that I would like to share a natural Purple EOTD that I wore to work during the week. Sorry I did not take pics of the products used. The pictures are not too clear as I was in a hurry.

I used the Empro mascara for this look and you can see that my lashes are longer. (usually I omit mascara)

Thanks for visiting.


Yen said...

OMG, your lashes look so long when you close your eyes! :)

lavender said...

Ha ha.. but it is not visible when I open my eyes due to the thick single lid.

Cynthia Z said...

Hi Lav, purple suits u very well. Empro mascara has made yr lashes really long!

DHC is in Watsons, and ya it's great that it doesn't have mineral oil like Shu. Hope u get it. :)


Lavender said...

Thanks Cynthia!
Thanks for the info too. Wil check it out.

Witoxicity said...

Nice! That Empro mascara sure makes a big difference there! :)

Lavender said...

Yes the Empro mascara did a good job.


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