Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Product Review: Skin Food Honey Glossy Rouge Lipstick

Dear Friends

I don't know about you but I am extremely happy when my lip color is finishing. It means that I did not waste my money. 
My Skin Food Honey Rouge is another success story i.e. finishing the product soon.
I consider the product finished when it reaches the plastic rim i.e. when you no longer can apply straight from the tube. I know of a friend who will finish her lipstick using lip brush. That's great but I am not like her. I will consider my mission accomplished when it is "flat". (play cheating a bit). 

What about you? Do you scrape all the products until it is 100% used up?

OK. Back to the review.
Obviously this is one of the lipsticks that I adore. Else, I would not be able to use it until this stage.

I like the texture of this lipstick as it is very moisturising.
I like the color as it looks natural, not too pink for me.
I like the smell of this lipstick as it does not have a waxy smell but a pleasant sweet smell, close to honey smell.
I think this lipstick is selling at RM20 ++.
Personally I would rate this lipstick 4/5.
The only set back is that the color range is very limited.

The color is 353



Witoxicity said...

Congratulations for almost reaching the end! I'm working on doing the same with many of mine (trying very hard). That's a sweet colour. You look radiant in the last pic, my dear. :)

lavender said...

Thanks Witoxicity, the last pic was without any makeup on face. Only lipstick.


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