Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Products that Hit Pan

Hi girls, how are you today?

Today I would like to show you my products that actually hit the pan! I am so proud of myself because I actually used the product until they are almost finishing. 

My Elianto eye shadow that I use as highlighter and my MAC pallet (see the small dent on the lighter shade).


My blushers - Lancome (beige abricot 2), In 2 It (07 desire), Silky Girl (02 Dune Rose) and Revlon (04 softspoken pink)....but I still have 4 new blushers that I have not opened yet.


My Lancome lipstick (juicy rouge in 334) that cannot be turned anymore..unless I use my lip brush to get the product.


this is the color of my Lancome lipstick (juicy rouge in 334)

I am very happy everytime I can see the pan of my blusher, eye shadow etc.
This is because I know that I am not wasting my money. 

Do you have the same feeling too? Would you mind showing me what are your "hit pan" products? Pls share..



jo.frougal said...

Hi, thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my site. Yes, I know the feeling of satisfaction when you know you've put a product to good use. I don't have many, myself, lol! Congratulations!

Tammy said...

congrats :) lavender

hit the pan!

Shilka said...

oh my... to be honest I have just one product that I ever hit the pan with T_T - it's my very old L'Oreal Trio palette. It's so good, that I am still scrubbing the rest of the product out.

I' seriously thinking of starting a 10 pan project xD

Unknown said...

Hi lavender,
I do have the same feeling too.. hihi,
i so so love my makeup babies! I know its not that much but I see to it that the pan would be really empty, no product wasted!

btw, you're posts are not showing up in my dashboard, eeekk.. blogger, blogger..

Gaby Fauchon said...

Awww it feels so good to hit pan! I should blog about it, too!

Brenda B said...

Hi Pauline, nope, I don't have any that hit the pan yet :) And you look gorgeous after the Lancome makeover!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Yay for finishing things ^_^ I just finished my mascara yesterday, I'm barely halfway through my Project 10 Pan though.

Question: is that a real MAC palette? because it looks like one of the fake ones people sell on ebay =/

Lavender said...

jo frougal
u are welcome.


yes, would love to know abt your 10 pan project! do share..

makeup baby
wow, i never finished any eye shadow product before.

Yes you should blog abt your "hit the pan" products too. would like to see yours!


Silhouette screams,
never finished a mascara before, always dry up by itself
I am not sure abt the MAC palette but it says "made in Canada" and it has a bar code. I bought it from a friend who is working in the airport - duty free section.

Witoxicity said...

Yay!! Hit pan is good news! Congratulations, girl! I think I hit pan a long time ago with an eyeshadow duo. Among my new stash, I haven't seen any pan yet. Oops! :D

Sherry said...

opps... I dont see any hit the pan as I not often using them. but I see skin care product does.

Sue said...

wow, good for you! my cosmetics never hit the pan, only my two way foundation which takes almost 1 year to finish them off. -_-

SilhouetteScreams said...

Hmm it could be one of the LE things they do for Duty Free. Out of interest, what are the shade names?

Lavender said...

Yes agree that its easier to finish skincare product that color products.

I guess u seldom use them.

thanks for sharing, maybe u can do a post on your eye shadow duo that hit the pan...

Silhouette screams
I don't see any colors mentioned behind the palette. maybe u are right, it may be a dupe!Anyway, I love the colors and its fine texture. The color is very easy to apply too!

Anonymous said...

yay! congratulations for hitting the pan;) at the moment I have one compact foundation that already hit the pan, you are right, I'm happy too,hope I could do the same on my e/s palettes)*wink*


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