Monday, May 2, 2011

Makeover for Friends

Dear Friends,

I just want to share with you 2 makeover photos which I did some time ago on different occasions.

This is another makeover for my another friend's mom.
Sorry, I forgot to take the pictures of the products used.

I need your honest opinion on the looks above. What do you think about the makeover?

Thanks for reading and have a happy labour day!



Ee Von said...

they both looked beautiful after the makeover, you did an excellent job!

Anonymous said...

i really like it. you are really good! i think the lady looks fresh with the lt. purple e/s. my fav. is the mom...she looks fantastic with the soft and enhancing e/sand e/l. her lipstick is really nice too on her --doesnt make her lips too thin and actually makes her lips kissable. lol. i dont really have a criticism....maybe a little facial contouring on the cheek (say peachy neutral blush topped w/subtle pink blush you used) but that can be really hard to get on camera and might be impractical in real life. other than that, really nice and inspiring!!!

makeupjelena said...

Both makeovers look great, well done! :-)

lavender said...

Hi Ee Von


Hi Anonymous
Thanks for the tips and comments

Hi Jalena,


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