Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Product Review: IDI Multi Action Mask

Dear Friends

This is a super hectic week with many deadlines at office. However, I will share with you a product which I think is worth sharing.

I bought this IDI Multi Action Mask last year during the workshop. I got a RM50 discount voucher and decided to purchase this mask. The price before discount is RM186 for 50ml (if I remember correctly). It is a bit pricy for a drug store brand.

around RM186 for 50ml

List of ingredients:

I have been using this mask at least 2 times in a month and am very pleased with it. Therefore, I may repurchase if there is a deal.

The product description:
A multi-action, fragrance free formula, gently and effectively cleanses and moisturises the skin while purifying and reducing excess sebum without stripping away skin's natural moisture. It soothes and replenishes skin's moisture to minimize visible signs of ageing and restore natural radiance.
Purify and soothe sensitive skin, refereshes and brightens skin

Recommended to use once a week, apply for 15-20mins avoiding eye area, rinse with water.

Did the product deliver as promised?
Yes, my skin feels clean and moisturised after each use. It looks brighter too.
What I like is the cooling sensation even after the mask is washed off. The cooling effect stays for 20 mins or so. Suitable for the hot climate. It is very easy to rinse the product and my face feels so refreshing after each use.

The active ingredients:
Shea Butter, Aloe vera extract, glycolic acid, it also has dimethicone

IDI product is from Italy and it was established since 1858 by dermatologists. So, if you have oily and sensitive skin like me, I would recommend this mask to you. 

Have you tried this mask before? Pls share and thanks for your visit.



Jessying said...

good but expensive :((

Lavender said...


Yes, it is expensive but it gives good results.


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