Friday, May 13, 2011

Product Review: Clinique Youth Surge

Dear Friends

I have a short product review to share with you. Today I'll talk about the Clinique Youth Surge. I have tried this sample day cream with SPF15 PA++.

Product texture: Creamy (not suitable for my oily skin. My face turned shinny after 1 hour, too bad)
I believe people with normal to dry skin will love this product

Product scent: to me it smells a little like plastic  

Personally I think in terms of free sampling, Clinique is one of the most generous brand. This is a 7ml sample given to me without any purchase.

As a day cream, I think SPF15 is rather too low for the Malaysian hot weather. We may still get sun burn/pigmentation if we do not top up with a good sun block. I don't quite understand why they bother to create only SPF 15 which does not make much sense. Anyone has a good explanation, pls share. In my opinion this is like giving some coverage but "half heartedly". Sorry if any Clinique representative is reading my post now, would you care to share the reason behind the low SPF in this day cream?

Anyway, have a lovely weekend! and thanks for your lovely visit.



Unknown said...

I believe I've tried this once as well and it was just way to greasy even in California weather.

Lavender said...

Hi Rainy Days & Lattes
Yes, I think it is more suitable for mature skin.

Anonymous said...

Youth Surge comes in three formula's. The free samples are always in dry/combination. If you have oily skin you should try the oily skinned formula. The 15 spf is so small because of clinique's extensive allergy testing. Many people are allergic to sunscreen. You should try city block its an spf 40, and there were free samples of it a month ago. Many counters will still have some.


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