Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clarins makeover Sept 2011

Dear readers

Apologies for the lack of post. I am still down with flu and cough. In order not to bore you, I will show you my makeover at Clarins 2 weeks ago.

I bought 2 items on impulse. These are unplanned purchase. Nevertheless, I have tried the sample items before.

The makeover was not a detailed one. I would say it was done half heartedly. The artist did not even apply eyeliner for me. I suspect no eye primer was used. You can see how smudgy the eye make up after just 2 hours. Gosh! 

However, I was quite pleased with the photo taken. The photo editor kept on asking me to purchase extra pics but I did not as I think that the makeup was not good at all. I can do a better job. I hope the Clarins people will take note of this.

Enough of ramblings. Here are the pics.
Before makeover

After Makeover - pics taken at home

Can you see the smudges? I hate them. Don't they know that there is such thing called UDPP?

Thankfully the pics turn out ok

Thank you for visiting and have a great day.

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Jessying said...

Your makeover picture looked nice !!! very young n fresh look!


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