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Product Review: Jane Iredale PureMatte Finish Powder

Dear Friends

I have been using this Jane Iredale Pure MatteFinish Powder for a while and would like to share with you my thoughts.

I first heard about Jane Iredale from a blogger in Netherland and the name intrigues me. I thought the name Jane Iredale sounds sophisticated and elegant. I still think that way today. I often imagine Jane Iredale as a beautiful lady, someone who looks like Audrey Hepburn of My Fair Lady!

Early this year I attended a workshop and received a RM100 voucher to redeem any products from Jane Iredale. I was overjoyed. 

I topped up with RM59 and redeemed myself the Jane Iredale PureMatte Finish Powder and immediately start using it. Now I am half way through as I can see the pan now. 

 Love the insignia, I took this pic before I started using the product

Love the elegant casing!

Ingredients List

What do I like about Jane Iredale PureMatte Finish Powder?
1. It is very suitable for oily skin (like myself) as it controls oil for about 3-4 hrs before you need to reach for your blotting paper
2. It gives a very matte finish and does not clog my pores
3. The packaging is so elegant (but a bit heavy). It has a magnetic casing and the refill is available at RM100.
4. No Paraben

What do I dislike?
1. It is a translucent powder, therefore don't expect any good coverage. I normally use it after my skincare.(I do not use any liquid foundation). For those who use liquid foundation, this will be perfect.
2. I think it is rather pricy but in this case the price comes with quality but it is not necessary so all the time. 

Price: 9.9g for RM159 (if I remember correctly)

Product Details (obtained from
Specially formulated to help those who want to avoid shine. Use under or over mineral powders.

  • No oil, talc, FD&C dyes or synthetic preservatives
  • Highly absorbent rice starch
  • Will not clog pores or dry the skin

My Rating:
Product packaging: 5/5
Oil Control : 4.5/5
Price: 3/5
Quality & safe ingredients: 4/5 (it contains Dimethicone, a type of silicon which can irritate some super sensitive skin but I am fine with it)

Will I repurchase? Maybe, when I have the budget.

Have you tried any of Jane Iredale's product before? Do share and have a happy week ahead.


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