Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Women Stuff Readers' Choice Awards 2011

Hi Friends

Today, I attended the My Women Stuff Readers' Choice Awards 2011 at Coffee Chemistry Cafe, Sunway Giza. The event was a blast!! May beauty bloggers and readers turned up for the event. 

Capucinno from Coffee Chemistry

I enjoyed myself very much meeting bloggers and readers whom I see for the first time. Putting faces to names finally. Thanks to Paris and her friends who have coordinated the event so well.

The signatures from attendees. Can you spot my signature? Ha ha.... it's the 3rd from the right bottom corner

Paris annoucing the start of the Award

Delighted to receive the goodie bag from Paris

Generous Goodie Bag from various sponsors!

This my personal favourite from the Goodie Bag

I have been reading MWS even before I joined the blog world and I must say that Paris is truely an inspiration to me. I have gained so much knowledge from reading her blog posts. I really salute Paris for her dedication and zeal in writing her blog posts. Her writeups are well written and often witty. I sincerely hope that she would continue blogging for many years to come. I wish her all the best!

If you still wonder why I enjoy reading MWS so much, please drop by her blog and see for yourself here.

Till then, I think I have enough products to review!

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Paris B said...

Thank you for coming Lavender. I'm glad to know you enjoyed yourself and isn't the Sweet Contemplation Accessores necklace just beautiful?! :)


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