Saturday, February 4, 2012

Product Sampling Review: Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream

Hi My Beautiful Friends

A while ago I reviewed Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream. Today, I will share with you Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream which I have finished using. It is a 15ml pack which I got from GWP.

The texture is creamy but not oily
1. It has a very creamy texture but not oily
2. The smell is very soothing and I really love the smell, similar to the smell of Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream
3. It is very moisturising

Other Comments
Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream is suitable for my oily skin. I need to blot during lunch time. Even though it is creamy, it is not heavy and does not clog my pores. I do not experience any breakouts.

I cannot comment about the firming effect but generally I like the smell of this cream and would recommend to those in their mid 30's onwards to try this cream.

If mistaken it is RM300 for 50ml

Have you tried Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream before? How do you like it?

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1 comment:

Joanne Cheah said...

I've always loved clarins products. Suitable for my skin.


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