Saturday, February 11, 2012

Product Review: Clinelle Moisturizing Lip Balm SPF36

Dear Friends,

I do not know whether you've experienced dry, chapped lips before. If you live in a cold country, you would have encountered extreme dry lips during winter season. Although I live in Malaysia where we do not have 4 seasons, the dry weather is often the culprit to my dry lips problem and not forgetting that most of us worked in air-conditioned office. The air-cond not only caused dehydration to our skin, our lips are no exception.

I have experience extreme dry lips to a point where my lips cracked and bled. It was very painful. Therefore, I always apply lip balm whenever possible.

Product Description

A moisture rich lip solution especially formulated to gently moisturize, soothe and protect the lips from harful ultraviolet rays.Ideal for dry and chapped lips.

Main Ingredients

Capric Triglyceride, castor oil, shea butter, Microcrystaline Wax, Silica, Titanium Dioxide

My Review

  1. Clinelle lip balm is very moisturizing to the lips. Immediately after application, my lips felt moist and comfortable.
  2. It does not have any weird taste. The moisturizing effect is quite long lasting. I am quite sure that it is due to the ingredient called Microcrystaline Wax in the formula. My lips are moist even after eating and gentle wiping. This is definitely a plus point as I do not need to reapply so frequently.
  3. The packaging is good as it is easy to use.
  4. Has UVA and UVB protection

Non-comedogenic, no artificial color/fragrance, no lanolin, no mineral oil, no SD-Alcohol

Contains Propyl Paraben

Product Rating


Tips for dry lips

  1. Apply lip balm before going to bed
  2. Do not lick your lips

I bought this lip balm for RM7 during Guardian warehouse sales last year. I will be done with the product in 3 months time as I use it daily. I would recommend this lip balm to those who have dry lips.

Have you tried Clinelle lip balm before? Do share what is your favourite lip balm.

Thanks and please visit me again for more reviews.



Sherry said...

So cheap you buy this brand no use before. Guardian warehouse no go far me

lavender said...

Yes it is very cheap during warehouse sales


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