Friday, May 9, 2014

Mary Quant Makeup Workshop

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Recently I attended the Mary Quant makeup workshop organised by Manoah Consulting. It was a fun-filled afternoon playing with colours. It was my first encounter with Mary Quant makeup and I am quite impressed with the colour range and product offerings.

We learnt about Mary Quant makeup technique imparted to us by Ms Takaki, a Japanese makeup artist. Ms Takaki did a step by step makeup demonstration for us and we did our hands-on makeup on ourselves. I really enjoyed the session as her explanation was clear due to her good command of the English language.

I was very excited to see the colour range offered by Mary Quant. The Black Daisy brand signature looks really cute! I learnt that the cute daisy was born out of Mary Quant's childhood scribbles.

I like the concept of mix and match palette that Mary Quant created. It allows us the freedom to choose the colours that we like to create our own special customised palette.

First, we prep our face with Mary Quant Oil Zap on our T-zone area followed by Mary Quant Moisture Zap on other areas not covered by Oil Zap. It is important not to overlap in the application of these 2 products. As I have oily skin, I applied Oil Zap all over my face. The texture is smooth and matte.


We then prep our eyes with Mary Quant Eye Gloss, a moisturising eye foundation. I noticed that it brightens my eye area. This is a treatment eye foundation that can cover dark circles and dullness. It also can enhance the eye shadow colours to be more vivid.

Next, I applied Mary Quant Smoo Make powder foundation in 40 Natural (suggested by Ms Takaki). I like the super fine texture of the foundation. The colour suits me really well. I like powder foundation as it is easy to apply and hassle free compared to liquid. After the powder foundation, I applied Mary Quant loose face powder in 03 Natural. The finishing is lovely. 

Next is the most interesting part to me - Mary Quant Eye Opener. Ms Takaki taught us how to use shades of purple to create a very subtle look. The eye shadow is very fine and easy to apply. It adheres well to the eye lid. The colour is quite buildable.

Ms Takaki did a demo on my friend's eye and the result is very lovely indeed.

Mary Quant Action Lashings Lenthening Mascara comes in 7 shades and I tried the 05 Brighton Blue. The colour is very impressive. The mascara is very special as the applicator has a 2 sided coil and chip brush which features short raised bristles on one side and the oil gel formula that gives the mascara its elasticity. The mascara lengthens my lashes and gives more definition.

Mary Quant Brow Line eyebrow pencil comes in 3 colours and I used 01 charcoal grey as my brows are very dark. Thereafter, I used the Outline pencil to line my upper lid. The outline pencil comes in 19 impressive shades.

After applying Mary Quant Blush Baby Power Cheek Blush, I applied Mary Quant Moisture Rich Lipstick. I mixed 2 colours. Mary Quant Lipstick comes in 20 colours. The light purple colour looks pale but when applied on the lips, it gives a very nice nude effect. I topped it with the red one to create a medium colour which I really like. The lipstick is quite moisturising and can be applied straight without first applying any lip balm.

And the finishing look is really nice and chic. The look is very natural and suitable for office and leisure. Thanks to Ms Takaki for imparting her knowledge and makeup skills to us. Hope to see her again.

A picture with the very friendly Ms Takaki.

Have you tried Mary Quant makeup before? Mary Quant is available at MUSE by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid. To find out more, you can visit

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