Friday, April 23, 2010

Fruit Juice Recipe for Health

It is good if you can drink fruit and vegetable juice as often as you can, preferably in the morning on empty stomach.

If you want to ensure that your fruits and vege are free from pesticides, you have to soak it in a vege wash. You just need 30 ml of this home made vege wash for a basin of water. Soak for 40 mins.

Note: I made this vege wash using fruit skin and brown sugar. The mixture is fermented for 3 months prior to using.

Today I used apple, beet root, celery, carrot and orange.

This is what I get:

This combination can be changed according to your liking.

Stay healthy!



Sherry said...

oh nice.. you got add salt or sugar or no need?

Bintan Sholihat said...

how was that taste>> I'll try it someday.. thanks for sharing..

Witoxicity said...

Wow, I've never heard of a vege wash before, and a homemade one too! How interesting! Oh, I wish I could have a sip of that juice you made. I confess I don't drink much fruit juice, just lots of water. :)

lavender said...


no sugar or salt is added. In fact nothing is added. Just fruits and vege.


The taste is quite difficult to describe. But not too bad.

You can try the recipe and tell me how u like the taste. Yes, the recipe for the vege wash I will feature soon.

xin said...

hmmmmmm read about vege wash somewhere but have never gotten around doing it :P but i do drink fresh juice every morning!

Sherry said...

wahah.. no wonder taste different and colour diff I forgot the oranges!!

Lavender said...

That's great!

You can try again my friend.


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