Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Events and Freebies

Hi Readers,

Just to inform you that I managed to redeem the Shu Uemura Cleasing oil at One Utama New Wing on 3 Apr 2010 (Sat).

Just print the coupon below and show to the sales person. The 20 ml bottle is out of stock but they gave me 3 bottles of 8ml.

I also went to survey the Guardian Makeover at One Utama Old wing and guess what I've got...

If you buy "Her World" on that day, u will get a small clutch bag and some freebies shown below
(note: The shu uemura cleansing oil is not part of the freebies)

I also went to the Nestle Expo tour at New wing and got some freebies. The tour is so so fun because I get to test out new products e.g. so many types of milk, Milo, yogurt drink, yogurt , corn flakes, ice cream, curry chicken, mash potatoes, fruit juice etc.

Did anyone manage to attend the event or grab some free items?



PinkyLicious said...

Great collection of freebies^^
i also collected 3x8ml Shu Uemura Cleasing oil ^^

Sue said...

whoa.. penang still tak ada event. gah! zzz =)

Witoxicity said...

Wow, that's so much fun. You get freebies (granted, the Shu Uemura was a different thing), a makeover and also food to eat! That was some freebie tour!

Jennifer said...

lucky you!!!

minnydino said...

so many freebies and events at the same place in a day~ lucky u !! =D

Miu said...

aiyoh the guardian makeover event sux lah.. i was hanging out there so long wondering if anything special or not. Tak bermaya langsung wan the people n they not keen on telling me about what freebies i can get if i purchase. Only wanna push sales.

Lavender said...

Hi everyone
It was indeed an interesting day for me.

I hope they organize something in Penang soon.

Didn't know it was so bad. I did not join though.


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