Sunday, February 27, 2011

Product Review: Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic Mask

Dear My Lovely Friends

Just to update you that during Chinese New Year, I met an accident and my car was knocked. So, I was without transport for almost 3 weeks now. I had to take a bus and two trains to work. Yesterday, I got back my car and to my dismay, they did not fixed it properly. The alarm system went berserk and my central locking cannot be used. The light that was cracked was not replaced and there are some other ptoblems. I have to go back to the shop for at least 2 times. I felt quite discouraged but I prayed and ask God to help my situation. Now I felt a bit better and would like to share with you a mask which I tried and finished few weeks ago. Sorry for the ranting. I hope you understand the dissapointment after waiting for 3 weeks and still have to continue waiting.

OK back to the mask.
I got this mask during December 2010. It was a generous 30g sample given by Kose. I redeemed it using a birthday coupon from Parkson One Utama.

This mask is very creamy but it is not oily. It is supposed to be a purifying mask and I must say that it has done a good job. My oily skin loves this mask a lot. I shall hunt this mask during the Kose warehouse sale this year.

The smell of the mask is super nice, not a perfume type of smell but rather smell of herbs. According to the sales assistant, it is made from herbs and I do believe her.

How to use
I only use a small amount (3 cherry size - scoop out using a spatula) for the whole face. Spread the mask evenly and wait for 2 mins and wash it off. It's super easy to use. It is very easy to wash off too. When the mask is washed off, I can feel that my skin is very clean but not tight. I love this mask a lot but I have finished it already.

If I remember correctly the price is RM180 for 150ml. (Please correct me if my memory fails)

My rating for this mask is 4.5/5

Has any of you tried this mask before? Do share.



The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Really sorry to hear about the car problems and the accident :( I hope it's sorted out soon.

Jessying said...

I pray for your, hope your car will be ok soon! Luckily you are fine. Dont worry everything will be back in shape very soon!!!

Ah i got this mask belum try lagi.. hehe this remind me to try try!!

Lavender said...

Thanks to Jess for your kind concern.

thanks to Student's guide too.

Witoxicity said...

Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been going through recently. How irresponsible of the workshop not to have fixed your car properly too! And the travel to work must have taken ages! I hope all is much better now, my dear. [hugs]

Sherry said...

about mask remind me that I need to use one I long time x use mask since preg

Lavender said...

Thanks and I am glad it's back to normal now.

Thanks for the comment!

Elise said...

I have being using this mask for a long time. I absolutely love it! It does not only brighten your skin, but it gives glow. Love the smell too. The smell has this relaxing effect. Its so easy to use and u can even massage your face with it.


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