Monday, April 5, 2010

Home Made Dragon Fruit Jelly, Pasta and "Chai Kueh" (Chinese Vege Dumpling)

Hi everyone,
Today I will share with you some pictures of the home cooked food that I get to eat. Few weeks ago, my mom made the dragon fruit jelly and "Chai Kueh" (Chinese Vegetable Dumpling). 

The Dragon fruit jelly is made with fresh red dragon fruit and soya bean milk. No colouring is added. The recipe is created by my clever mom.



The vege dumpling is not easy to make, so many steps, you can see the picture below:

1. prepare the dough

2. Put the vege on the nicely shaped dough and fold the dough into a design. 
3. The dumpling is ready to be steamed


4. The dumpling is ready to serve

5. A closer look at the delicious dumplings


I also made this pasta, for the recipe, pls click here.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for tempting you....


Chelle said...

Yum yum... I love dragon fruits but the milky soya bean milk makes it even better! I'm a big dumpling eater too but the pasta made my stomach grumble! Haha, thanks for the tip! <3

Kasia_B said...

Can I ask you for the recipe for thea jelly? Cuz it looks amazing! :)

AnnaYJia said...

wow ~~ lavender you are so amazing !! the vege dumpling looks so yummy ~~~ slurrppp ...=P

Witoxicity said...

Oh gosh, all of that looks so yummy! I'm fascinate by the dragon fruit jelly. It looks too pretty to eat, but of course, it must taste fantastic! :)

Lavender said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lavender said...

You are welcome!

It's my mom, not me.

I will email u soon.

The jelly taste very nice.


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