Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nail Art: Lav 025 Chinese New Year Nail Art - Plum Blossom 2012

Dear Readers

I hope it is still not too late to share with you my simple nail art design for Chinese New Year. I named it plum blossom. This design is very simple and can be drawn by anyone who knows how to use a doting tool.
As I just bought some Acrylic Paint and a Nail Doting Tool, I wanted to try them out. I am quite pleased with the result.

If you are free, you can check out my previous CNY nail designs here and here.

The items used are:
1. OPI Base Coat
2. OPI Top Coat
3. Revlon Nail polish - No 440 Siren (I chose this bright orangy color as my background color to bring out the CNY cheer)
4. Nail Doting Tool
5. Acrylic Paint - Titanum White , Lemon Yellow and Burnt Umber

This is the Nail Doting Tool that I bought
1. Base Coat (1x)
2. Revlon Polish (2x) - let 1st coat dry before applying 2nd coat
3. Use the nail doting tool (bigger head) to make 3 dots using white color to make the petals
4. Use the same doting tool (bigger head) to make one dot in the middle of the petals using Burnt Umber
5. Use the fine head of the doting tool to pick up some yellow color and put small dots on the white petals
6. Wait for the color to dry and apply Top Coat

a) Clean the doting tool with water each time you change color
b) if the Acrylic paint is too thick, mix a tiny drop of water and stir properly

Hope you like this simple nail art design that does not require any drawing skill.



Louella said...

Happy CNY! Lovely manicures and I wish I could get a dotting tool too! The petals are real cute! :D

lavender said...

Hi Louella

jasmine109 said...

this is pretty, cute and doable.. ^_^

lavender said...

Hi Jasmine

Thanks for following me

Anonymous said...

hi..where do you buy your nail art tools..im getting into it and dont have a lot of money to spend.. pls advise me on affordable places to buy .if u dont mind..thanks

lavender said...

Hi Anonymous

The nail art tool I got it from a friend who worked in a nail art shop. I also don't know where to buy.

Syazzwani said...

hey dear, could u tell me where to get the acrylic paint? been searching for it in a tube .

lavender said...

Hi Syazzwanie

I bought the acrylic paint at Czip Lee stationery shop at Bangsar, near Jalan Telawi opposite Bangsar Village 2.


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